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We brought Emily some egg chalks for Easter, and they have become her favourite thing to do. Since we have had some really nice weather recently, we have been out on the balcony making the most of it. I wanted some activities for Emily to do that required little space. Obviously when you live in a flat you have to work with what you have. I am quite lucky in the sense I can fit a tuff spot, paddling pool, and sand pit on our balcony. 

Emily was really intrigued by the chalks, she loved the fact she could make marks on the floor. Lately we have been working on shapes, and lines. We have been doing lots of connecting worksheets, so I thought this would be a brilliant opportunity to encourage Emily to draw some more lines. Emily really focused on this activity and was doing it for a good hour before she started to get bored. Chalking is a great way to encourage children to experiment with different colours.

Once Emily started to get bored of the activity I introduced a little pot of water and some paint brushes. I encouraged her to dip the paintbrush into the water and run it along the lines where she had chalked. Emily was fascinated by the fact she could wash her drawings away. She was super impressed by the marks she could make using her paintbrush, and because it was quite warm outside it dried fairly quickly. It was such a simple activity but one that kept Emily's attention for a long time. 

Have you tried water painting?

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