Harrold-Odell Country Park

On Saturday we headed out to Harrold-Odell country park, we haven't actually been there before but we are always looking for a new country park to explore. The park is situated in a nearby village called Harrold. It offers 144 acres of beauty and tranquility. There are two picturesque lakes, river meadows which run alongside the River Great Ouse, a nature reserve and a range of managed habitats. 

The park has something for everyone, There are two main pathways around the park but you are free to find their own way using other pathways. The path around the main (Grebe) Lake takes just over a hour to complete. We walked this main path with Emily, and to our surprise she walked around the whole lake. It does make me a little sad that she is using her pushchair less and less. The one thing we did really love about the lake was there are plenty of places to stop and take a seat around the lake. There is also wood carvings of wildlife scattered around the park that were carved specifically for the park. The park also offers free parking, although visitors are encouraged to make a donation. Of course we made a donation, as the donations go towards the park. 

We took a picnic with us, as there was plenty of picnic benches around the lake, next time I would like to visit the little cafe, Tea-Zels Cafe. It is located just by the visitors centre, and has a indoor and a outdoor seating area. The food smelt amazing, and the cake looked so yummy! Emily loved the park that was next to the cafe, It was suitable for all ages, and she really enjoyed playing on the slide. The park near the cafe is aimed at children 2-6 years of age, there is also another park by the lake too. They also have a skate park and basket ball court near the park for older children. We had a absolutely lovely day and will defiantely be returning, we spent literally all day exploring the country park and there is still so much for us to see. 

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