Finger Painting

As you know I love nothing more than doing crafts with Emily, so I thought that I would share what we have been up to recently. We were sent a lovely box full of craft stuff by Baker Ross. In the box there was a six pack of finger paints, and a pack of 3 black canvases. I debated what to do with these canvases for ages, and I knew I wanted to use one for a print of Emily's foot. I also wanted to let her experiment and create her own art.

I strongly believe that letting a child lead the activity is really important, and while a lot of people may not put finger painting at the top of the list, when it comes to learning at a preschool age. This arty activity is actually an important part of your child's early education. It may seem just like child's play, but it is also a teaching tool that can help toddlers build motor skills, amongst other things. Finger painting allows your child to test these growing finger skills by using their hands as painting tools instead of a brush. Finger painting may seem easy to you and I, but it can involve complex movements of the hand that can build hand-eye coordination, and muscle control. Finger painting can also be classed as science. Toddlers can experiment with color mixing by blending the primary colours - red, blue, yellow and green, using their fingers. This is also a great way to get them talking about colours, and learning new words.

Emily absolutely loved this activity, and I purposely set out primary colours for her to use. Emily is at a age where she is starting to learn new things and take it in properly. She already mastered red, blue and yellow, so I wanted to introduce blue and green too. Unlike other activities like a colouring sheet or a cut and sticking activity, finger painting is typically more experimental. She was free to do whatever she liked, she enjoyed squelching the paint between her fingers, and also mixing the colours. She loved layering different colours on top of each other on the canvas, mixing them and creating different patterns. I loved seeing Emily explore the paints, sometimes it is nice to just let them take the activity in whatever direction they like.

I would love to hear your opinions on finger painting, and what your little one has created.

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