Emily's 20 Month Update

Oh little miss Emily, you have changed so much this month. Your personality is really taking shape, never have I met a more determined, stubborn and kind little girl. You definitely have your Daddy's sense of humour though, you find the smallest things hilarious, and you constantly try to make the people around you happy and smile. I couldn't be more proud of the little girl you are turning into.

Last month I mentioned that we had adjusted our bedtime routine. I'm happy to say that it's still the same, Emily will go down to bed at 7-8pm, and sleep through until 9am. Since she has got into this little routine, she seems so much happier. She still doesn't have her nap, but I don't think she needs it anymore. She does have 'quiet time' though. I found that Emily starts to get a little abrupt and stroppy around 1pm just after her lunch. I have started putting her in her bed, with bunny and a little milk. She will lay in there for 30-45 minutes before shouting for me. I'm glad that she has that little downtime because she clearly needs some kind of time to herself. This way she also has the option of napping too, and if she doesn't that's absolutely fine. 

Emily ate an APPLE!! Excuse me while I do a little dance, after months and months of offering Emily fruit, and her pushing it away. She finally ate an apple! I cannot tell you how relieved I am that she is starting to try fruit again. I know that she likes fruit because she will eat puree or dried fruit. I'm guessing it is just the texture that is bothering her slightly. We have also increased the tomato intake again, and so far it seems to be good. Eczema hasn't broke out again, it seems to be under control and Emily has been enjoying her tomato-based meals.

Emily has also been really enjoying picnics, with the nicer weather there has been plenty of opportunities to have a picnic. I find Emily eats sandwiches and snack food so much better when we are out at a picnic rather than at home.

Developmental updates and milestones

Emily's vocabulary is the first thing I am going to mention again this month, sometimes I just sit there absolutely stunned when she comes out with new words. She has always been a little chatterbox, but more so now than ever. She is like a little sponge, and you really have to be careful what you say around her now. Yes, that means no naughty words. A few of Emily's new words are high chair, apple, woody, yoghurt, ears, hair, banana (Emily currently says 'narna' - adorable).

She has also been using more phrases, such as Thank you, all gone, no more, and yes tar. 

Emily has been getting on really well with learning her colours, I mentioned last month that she had mastered Blue, yellow and red. She is still struggling with the word green, but she will pass me the green object which is a step in the right direction.

One of my favourite conversations with Emily this month was this..
Me "Is mama your best friend Emily?"

Emily "No, dadda best friend.
Although I was a little disappointed I wasn't her best friend in that moment, it was adorable hearing her say that little sentence.

Emily has absolutely loved playing on her slide this month, It has become her favourite thing to do. She can confidently climb the stairs and come down the slide, much to my dislike she loves to throw herself down the slide head first. 

Emily can take off her clothing by herself, she just needs help pulling off her tops. She gets frustrated if you try to do it for her now. She has also been trying to put her own socks and shoes on. 

We had a lovely walk around Harrold-Odell country park (you can see the video here). Emily walked the whole way around the lake, which is a good 1 and 1/2 hour walk. She hates being in her buggy recently and would rather walk everywhere.

Emily can name all of her body parts, her favourite body part seems to be ears at the moment. 

She is still obsessed with vehicles, trains and Thomas the tank engine is still her favourite thing. She has been collecting the Thomas mini' blind bags, and as soon as she gets a new one, she say's 'wow' in amazement. 

We have been doing lots of connecting activities. Emily started to show an interest in shapes but doesn't quite have enough control over her pencil to create shapes yet. I'm sure it won't take her long though. She can, however, draw perfect lines. When I ask her to draw lines, she will happily draw lots of multicoloured lines with ease.

Emily can confidently walk up and down the stairs. I was so nervous watching her walk down the stairs, but she seems to have it mastered and I walk in front of her, so if she stumbles I can catch her. 

Slide and paddling pool

Thomas the tank engine
Suprise egg/Thomas blind bag opening videos on YouTube kids

Not being able to unlock the door
The word No.

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