7 Years...

May 7th is always a sad day for us as a family, Its the day that we lost my Grandfather. A well respected and much loved person. This year marked 7 years without my best friend. I don't need to post on here how much I miss him, or what he meant to me. Anyone who has lost someone close will know how much it hurts. Instead I chose to make the most of the sunshine, and our day. My grandad loved the hot weather, the hotter the better he would say, so it seemed fitting to enjoy the sunshine just like he would. We took some flowers to my Grandads sanctum and Emily wanted to give him a kiss from bunny. Her much loved favourite toy, who seems to go everywhere with us. It's lovely that she wanted to help me put the flowers into the vase.

We decided to visit one of our favourite country parks, and have a picnic. We choose the Millennium Country Park, the park it beautiful and there is so much for us to explore. We have visited the park before (you can see the blog post here) but there is always more for us to explore. At the forests heart is the forest centre which offers a lovely cafe, shop, cycle hire, and free parking. We can't wait to go back another day and rent out bikes. The forest of Marston Vale Trust has created around 660 hectares of woodland and open space in the forest. It is open to the pubic all the time.

Emily absolutely loved her picnic, she had to take bunny with her of course. She enjoyed making him sit next to her while she tucked into her jam sandwiches and mango flakes. We had a absolutely lovely day walking around the park, making memories as a family. We then went to visit my Grandma and went our for a lovely meal. All in all we had a lovely day that I'm sure my Grandad would have approved of.

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