Mark Making Outdoors

We brought Emily some egg chalks for Easter, and they have become her favourite thing to do. Since we have had some really nice weather recently, we have been out on the balcony making the most of it. I wanted some activities for Emily to do that required little space. Obviously when you live in a flat you have to work with what you have. I am quite lucky in the sense I can fit a tuff spot, paddling pool, and sand pit on our balcony. 

Harrold-Odell Country Park

On Saturday we headed out to Harrold-Odell country park, we haven't actually been there before but we are always looking for a new country park to explore. The park is situated in a nearby village called Harrold. It offers 144 acres of beauty and tranquility. There are two picturesque lakes, river meadows which run alongside the River Great Ouse, a nature reserve and a range of managed habitats. 

Emily's 20 Month Update

Oh little miss Emily, you have changed so much this month. Your personality is really taking shape, never have I met a more determined, stubborn and kind little girl. You definitely have your Daddy's sense of humour though, you find the smallest things hilarious, and you constantly try to make the people around you happy and smile. I couldn't be more proud of the little girl you are turning into.

Weekend Tot Style #3

 Cardigan: George | Top: Tesco | Leggings: Next | Shoes: Smart Right

I managed to get Emily to stay still long enough to get some lovely updated pictures of her. I feel like I should win some kind of medal for getting her to stay still for 5 minutes! Bunny some how made her way into these photographs too, but that isn't surprising as Emily will not be parted with her bunny. So I thought I would share Emily's gorgeous little outfit from this week. 

Finger Painting

As you know I love nothing more than doing crafts with Emily, so I thought that I would share what we have been up to recently. We were sent a lovely box full of craft stuff by Baker Ross. In the box there was a six pack of finger paints, and a pack of 3 black canvases. I debated what to do with these canvases for ages, and I knew I wanted to use one for a print of Emily's foot. I also wanted to let her experiment and create her own art.

7 Years...

May 7th is always a sad day for us as a family, Its the day that we lost my Grandfather. A well respected and much loved person. This year marked 7 years without my best friend. I don't need to post on here how much I miss him, or what he meant to me. Anyone who has lost someone close will know how much it hurts. Instead I chose to make the most of the sunshine, and our day. My grandad loved the hot weather, the hotter the better he would say, so it seemed fitting to enjoy the sunshine just like he would. We took some flowers to my Grandads sanctum and Emily wanted to give him a kiss from bunny. Her much loved favourite toy, who seems to go everywhere with us. It's lovely that she wanted to help me put the flowers into the vase.

Our Weekend

Sunday was a absolutely beautiful day, we rarely get nice weather so I thought that we should make the most of it. Emily was treated to a new slide by her Grandma, and we were off to Sam's Nans after we collected it from Argos. Since we already had it in the car it seemed like the perfect opportunity to test it out. We don't have a garden at home, but I plan on using the slide on the part of grass we have near our building. Emily has just started to enjoy sliding down the slide, and I couldn't wait to see how she reacted to having her own. We also picked her up a small 3ft swimming pool while we were at Argos. 


You may have noticed that I have been somewhat absent from my blog lately, while I am not assuming there are hundreds of people wondering where I have been or what we have been up too, I know there are a few readers that I have had since I started this blog. The truth is I'm just not feeling it anymore, and I won't force myself to write if my heart isn't in it. This doesn't mean that I'm quitting blogging, in fact I have come back with a spark of creativity and I do want to carry on. The reason I started blogging way back when, was for the memories, for the Emily updates and to be honest I really miss writing those. 

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