Emily's 19 Month Update

I am a little late with posting this, I have had it sitting in my drafts for a while but I just keep adding to it. Emily's learnt so many new things this month and she is an absolute joy to be around. I know everyone must say that about their children but she is honestly one of the happiest children I have ever met (and I have met a lot as I used to work in a nursery setting). Like all toddlers she does have her moments and we have had a few tantrums, but I wouldn't really say we have a lot of tantrums, I'm sure that will change with time though.

Emily's sleeping has improved massively this month, she has found her own little routine and I'm so glad that she is getting up before 10am! I know most parents would love that lay in but when it is every day, it gets pretty boring waiting for your child to wake up. Emily goes to bed at about 7.30-8pm and has started waking up at 8.30-9am. Which suits me perfectly, she is still getting a massive chunk of sleep but she seems so much happier, and I am definitely happier to see more of the morning. The only issue we are having is Emily seems to wake up at around 10.30-11pm, absolutely screaming and crying, it takes a while to settle her back down again and I'm unsure why she has been waking up. She has a nightlight, and we have never really had this problem before. I'm hoping that it's just a phase and she'll grow out of it soon.

As I mentioned last month, Emily has become a fussy eater. It has become harder to encourage her to eat anything. Unless it is raisins then she isn't really interested. I have continued to keep offering her fruit and vegetables with the hope that she will try them, but I still haven't had any luck with that though. I have had progress with tomato's though, I have been introducing them into Emily's diet slowly, for example once or twice a week. I have to admit I was a little bit worried about reintroducing them but it is working for us at the moment. We have had a few little blips, where her face has broken out, but it tends to go down within the hour and is nowhere near as bad as it was before. I felt so bad avoiding tomato's because they are literally Emily's favourite food, luckily she has been enjoying lasagna again. The other thing Emily has really been loving is dried apple. In Tesco they sell dried apple slices and she has really been enjoying them. This is where it leaves me confused, she will eat puree fruit and dried fruit, but not normal fruit!

Developmental updates and milestones:

I think I say it every month, but I am going to say it again, this month Emily's vocablury has absolutely amazed me. She is constantly picking up new words, and phrases. A couple of my favourite words this month have been pretty (which sounds a little like titty when she says it - adorable). She knows all of her vehicles, planes, car, bike, nee-nor (emergency vehicles), and train. We have tried to get Emily to acknowledge animals, but she isn't really intrested unless it is a bunny, doggy or pussy cat. She absolutely adores saying 'meeoow'.

Emily has come on really well with her colours, she knows red, blue, yellow and purple. I'm still trying to get her to learn green but she isn't having any of it. When I show her the 'green' ball she replies with 'Yuck' and walks away.

Since we went to Thomas land, Emily's obsession with Thomas has just kept growing. We now have about 40 Thomas mini trains, 3 big ones, and 5 take and plays. She has 3 Thomas DVD's, and is in love with trains in general. She has always been interested in vehicles but trains seem to be her favourite at the moment. Of course, Emily is her favourite character.

One of my favourite things about this month is how attached Emily has got to her bunny. For a while, Emily loved her pink jellycat bunny (Sam bought this for her when she was born.) She has the medium sized one but really struggles to carry it about. We actually brought her a little floral and brown jelly cat in the small size about 4 weeks ago. Since then it has been carried everywhere, Emily won't sleep without bunny, and she comes on all of our adventures. I love that Emily finally has a comfort, she used me as comfort for a long time which was lovely but a little problematic. If I was doing chores and Emily got hurt I would have to stop everything to make her feel better which is fine, but then lead to her being clung to my leg for 2 hours. Now she has bunny, she still needs a cuddle from me but is happy to take bunny and carry on playing independently after. Although I do miss having her clung to my leg, I really want her to grow up to be independent, and have something that is purly hers and makes her feel better.

Emily absolutely loves her new stroller, she is much more willing to sit in it over her oyster. I am however finding she wants to walk more and more, and the stroller seems to be pushed aside 9 times out of 10. 

Emily's understanding has come on massive amounts, she is happy to help clean up, and when you ask her to put her things away she loves to put all her books back on the shelf, and her trains away.

I feel like the biggest milestone for us this month is the potty. I let Emily pick out a potty from mothercare, with the idea of letting her get used to it being there and what it is for. Little did I know that she was so ready for it, and ended up doing two wee's and a poo on the potty the day we got it (more on this in another post).

Emily mastered her scuttlebug this month, for a while, she has been struggling a little to push it along, purly because her legs haven't been long enough. I'm happy to say she has finally cracked it!

Emily also had her very first ice cream all to herself, when we went to priory marina country park.


Thomas the tank engine.

The bubble/balloon game on the Ipad.

Being outdoors.

Vegetable glue (the story).


Nappy changes.
Getting out the bath.

Not being able to unlock the door.

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