Emily's 18 Month Update

I feel like I say this every month, but how is it possible my baby is a year and a half old. It feels like yesterday that we brought our tiny little newborn home. I would give anything for time to slow down a little bit. Emily and I have been quite poorly this month, which is why this update is a little late - what is it they say though? better late than never. I do feel a little thankful because this is the first time Emily has been poorly, sure she has had colds and a little temperature which was usually down to teething but this was a whole different ball game. Emily was clingy and upset. She literally didn't know what to do with herself and nothing seemed to be what she wanted, I took her to the doctor and they said she has a chest infection, ear infection and tonsillitis. Typical my little girl gets them all at once. She is now on the mend, and I'm so thankful for antibiotics!

As you can imagine this month has been absolutely terrible for sleeping. Emily seems to be waking up every 2 hours crying, but I have put this down to her being poorly and I'm sure she will be back to normal before we know it. She generally goes to bed between 7-8 and then sleeps through until 9am-10am, I'm not going to complain as I know some little ones wake up super early. It is a little inconvenient that she does sleep for so long through, as we tend to miss all the groups or activities which are on during the morning. The mornings are getting lighter now, and although we do have blackout curtains I can see it becoming an issue with Emily because at the moment she is waking up so frequently, I'm sure once she realises it is light outside that will be it and she won't want to go back to sleep.

As I mentioned in Emily's last update, she has become super fussy when it comes to meals, she still isn't keen on any fruit or vegetables. Although she will eat a fruit pot (not sure how long this will last though). She hasn't really got a favourite food anymore either, so it doesn't matter what I tend to give her she just is not interested. As I mentioned last month we had cut out tomato from Emily's diet, I have tried reintroducing it and eczema flared up pretty bad again, so, for the time being, we will carry on avoiding it. I'm hoping it is something she will just grow out of but obviously, I don't want to aggravate her face more than necessary. I will keep offering Emily fruit and vegetables in the hope she will soon grow out of this fussy stage and try it again. Emily has been drinking a lot of milk, but I'm putting that down to the fact she has been poorly and lost her appetite. As long as she is having something I'm happy with that. 

Developmental updates and milestones:
Emily's vocabulary is expanding faster than I can keep up, she is such a little chatterbox and doesn't seem to take a breath between her words as she talks so fast. A few of her new words are 'Shoes, Coat, Hat, Nose, Eyes, Chick, Poo, Toes, Washing, Thomas'. Emily is also starting to follow instruction a lot better, although she is really strong-willed and if she doesn't want to do something she won't.

Emily is starting to learn her primary colours, her favourite being red at the moment. If I ask her for the Red ball she will bring me the correct one, and really enjoys saying the word 'red'.

We went to Thomas land this month, Emily absolutely loved it and seemed pretty fearless when it comes to rides.

Tantrums are a new thing, and boy are they coming thick and fast. Emily doesn't seem to throw a tantrum when you ask her to do something she doesn't want to do. It is more when she can't do something herself, for example putting her shoes on herself. She hates not being able to do these things herself and has become super independent.

We seem to be using our pushchair (oyster) less, and I'm seriously considering getting Emily a stroller, I just think it will be so much easier for us when we are off out as the Oyster takes up a lot of space in the boot and is also quite heavy. I will be sad to see it go as it is my absolute favourite. 

Emily much prefers to be on her feet and walking, so we purchased her some little Minnie mouse reins because she doesn't quite understand why she can't just run into the road. She is getting a lot better when we are walking outside although she gets distracted by every car passing by.

She still prefers her books over toys, but she is getting better and cleaning up. When I ask her to help me clean up she loves to put all her books back on the shelves and her figures in the tub.

Emily had her first visit to the soft play area, she has been before but she wasn't at an age where she understood what was going on, or very confident on her feet (she was about 10 months). She absolutely loved it and surprised me with how confident she was. She was happy to go off and play by herself, she didn't even need mummy's help to climb the ladder to the stairs (sob).


Thomas The Tank Engine, Sofia The First and In The Night Garden.
Mickey Mouse blanket and bunny
Giving mummy and daddy 'love' this is Emily's word for cuddles
Her pushchair
Playing with the ball on the grass with Daddy
The swings at the park
Mummy's phone


The word 'no'

Nappy Changes
Keeping her hat on
Getting out the bath


  1. I loved it when it was time for a smaller stroller - so much easier to lug about ;) x

  2. Oh my goodness! 9/10am... ahhh the jealously is rolling off me. Edith wakes at 2am for an hour long feed on a GOOD night and then is up at 6am by the latest. 7am is a mega lie in for her. She can go waking up at 11pm, 2am and then get up for the day at 4am without it being unusual!! I love reading these kinds of reviews, great to hear she is getting on so well :) H x

  3. Oh man they grow up so quickly, this is making me feel a bit nostalgic for this stsge. Good luck with the tantrums they are a test aren't they.

  4. I really don't miss the teething, the sleepless nights, the fussy eating and the tantrums! Lol Seriously though, it is a lovely age and it really does go unbelievably quickly. Lovely photos :)

  5. Lovely update! I hope Emily is now on the mend, bless her! X

  6. She is such a big girl now! What a cutie. I adore how she wants to give you both 'love'. x

  7. I'm glad she's been feeling better and the eating will change again soon, Toby is very up and down with food too. I'm so jealous of Emily's usual sleeping! Crying every couple of hours is standard in our house and even if Toby sleeps through, he's up at 5am, 6 at a push!xx


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