Changing Up Our Living Room

When we first moved into our flat the living room was the first room we targeted, we decided to just get one room done, that being our 'family' room and that way then Emily would have space to play and run around. It would be clean and have carpet and be somewhat finished. I went with a brown and cream theme and boy do I regret it now. The living room seems to be so dark and dingy. We also have awkward windows, and by awkward I mean they are massive and in the wrong place. There is so much that I didn't consider when we picked out the bits for our living room, for example I went for a corner sofa which means that now I can't move it anywhere else, and while it is the best for using the space I have. It is also difficult to jig anything around. 

A while back I posted a picture of my living room onto instagram, and someone commented saying 'your play room is lovely'. That is when I got the shock and realisation that I really need to work on that space and making it a bit more of a family space, and not just Emily's toy room. I recently stumbled upon Homify after a lot of Pintrest hunting for inspiration. Since I've found it I can't stop searching for Living room inspiration. So I thought I would share a few of the pictures that have inspired me and why they inspired me.

I absolutely love the storage shelves in this picture, having the shelving on the walls would be amazing for keeping all of our little trinkets out of the reach of Emily. I do have the space to do this, but it is in a awkward little hideaway which is a pretty dark corner and I think that adding shelves is only going to make that worse.

Modern living room by Clorofilia

I love the frames on the wall in this picture, I already have frames on our wall but they are definitely not as organised as the ones in this picture. I think my picture wall needs some major work in order to make it look better. below is what my picture wall currently looks like. I love the mirror in the middle of the pictures, So I don't want to change it up too much, I think I will just end up adding some more. I also need to make it so there is equal amounts of frames on each side as it drives me nuts.

While all of the rooms on Homfiy do look lovely, I haven't found one that I would call as 'ours', I guess that is what is important, I can draw inspiration from these other rooms, but I need to be able to make it individual and make it suit our personality and lifestyle. I definitely will be keeping the brown cream colour scheme but I want to add more cream and less brown. I also need to find a better way to store Emily's toys, so that they are not all over the room.

What theme have you gone with in your living room? I would love to hear your ideas?

*This post is in collaboration with Homify*

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  1. I must admit our living room often looks like a playroom, but it is difficult if you haven't got lots of space! I am a massive fan of Ikea's Kallax units. You can get canvas draws to go in them and they are like the tardis! I can fit so many of Sebatian's toys in them and they are not childish and plastic-y.


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