Review: Pink Clove

I was recently contacted by Pink Clove to see if I wanted to review a couple of there clothing items. I don't really blog very much about me but I thought why not. Pink Clove has a fantastic range of plus sized clothing (sizes 16-28). As you may know I have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with my body - which I am currently working on. While I have lost a good amount of weight since I had Emily it isn't as much as I would like. I wasn't sure if the clothing would come up true to size on me, or if it would even fit. See the problem I have is I am a size 14 waist, but in tops I have to get a 18 as I am big busted. This means the clothing then looks massive on me because my waist is smaller than the rest of me - anyway enough about that. I am happy to say, I'm super happy with the three things I picked, so I thought I would share them with you.

Creme Egg Chocolate Chip Cookies

These creme egg chocolate chip cookies make a delicious Easter treat. Emily had so much fun making these, I made sure I left a few plain encase she didn't like the creme eggs, but I shouldn't have worried as she loved them! 

Planning a Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are brilliant fun for children of all ages, this Easter will be the first Easter that Emily understands what is actually going on. Of course I have put together a Easter basket for her just like last year but I have really had my heart set on a Easter egg hunt for her. We live in a flat which means it is terribly hard to have a Easter egg hunt here, so we are abandoning home to borrow someone elses garden. I thought I would share with you the things that I have brought for Emily's Easter egg hunt. I tried to get a variety of things as I didn't want it all to be chocolate but of course there is some chocolate and even some for her Daddy as I'm sure that he will want to get involved (in the eating part at least). 

Easter Ice & Rice Sensory Play

A while back I did a Valentines ice Sensory play activity with Emily and it proved to be a massive hit. She absolutely loved playing with the ice, and loved watching it melt. This time I wanted to add a new take on it. I wondered for ages what or how I could change the activity. I decided to add uncooked rice to the mix, after all rice and ice rhyme. Emily has also been showing a real interest in colours, so I wanted to incorporate that into the activity as well.

Emily's 18 Month Update

I feel like I say this every month, but how is it possible my baby is a year and a half old. It feels like yesterday that we brought our tiny little newborn home. I would give anything for time to slow down a little bit. Emily and I have been quite poorly this month, which is why this update is a little late - what is it they say though? better late than never. I do feel a little thankful because this is the first time Emily has been poorly, sure she has had colds and a little temperature which was usually down to teething but this was a whole different ball game. Emily was clingy and upset. She literally didn't know what to do with herself and nothing seemed to be what she wanted, I took her to the doctor and they said she has a chest infection, ear infection and tonsillitis. Typical my little girl gets them all at once. She is now on the mend, and I'm so thankful for antibiotics!

Easter Crafts

As part of the Baker Ross blogger network we get sent some craft activity bits now and then. I was happy to see a Easter themed box turn up, especially when both me and Emily have been feeling so poorly, it was a nice thing to cheer her up. We were sent a whole range of goodies but since we have been poorly we have only had the change to do a few, so I thought I would share those with you. 

What's In Emily's Easter Basket?

Last year I put together a Easter basket for Emily (you can find it here), this year I decided I wanted to do it again. I have never really been a fan of Easter to me its just a day where you get lots of chocolate, but having a child everything becomes more magical and special. Easter seems to have come around fast this year, I know members of our family will buy Emily chocolate eggs, and we will be doing a Easter egg hunt for her so I have kept the chocolate to a minimum. 

Easter Sensory Tray

I found this shredded paper in the poundshop, and it seemed like the perfect thing to buy to add a little something to Emily's Easter basket, although when I did finally get it home and I had a whole range of other ideas as to what to do with it. I wen't for pink, yellow and green shredded paper and I think It only cost about 70p per bag. I decided to pop it all into Emily's tuff spot, add some plastic eggs, sheep, chicks and birds nests then left her to explore it.

Jam Tarts

These Jam tarts are the yummiest thing I have made, my grandad taught me how to make these and we used to make them around Christmas time as a alternative to mince pies. Emily absolutely loved spooning in the jam into the middle, I remember this being one of the first things I ever baked with Emily.

Changing Up Our Living Room

When we first moved into our flat the living room was the first room we targeted, we decided to just get one room done, that being our 'family' room and that way then Emily would have space to play and run around. It would be clean and have carpet and be somewhat finished. I went with a brown and cream theme and boy do I regret it now. The living room seems to be so dark and dingy. We also have awkward windows, and by awkward I mean they are massive and in the wrong place. There is so much that I didn't consider when we picked out the bits for our living room, for example I went for a corner sofa which means that now I can't move it anywhere else, and while it is the best for using the space I have. It is also difficult to jig anything around. 

Emily's Easter Book Collection

Emily has always been a bookworm, It is one of the many things I love about my little lady. Most children will be bored within the first couple of pages, but Emily will sit there and listen to the whole thing, intently and happily turn the pages for you. We put up Emily's bookshelves when we first decorated her room - she must of been about 6 months old, and I never have really done anything with them. I just stuck some books on there and left it. I decided enough was enough, I have only been using one book shelf to store her 'favourite bedtime stories' and I want to start using all four.

Easter Nests

I personally have lots of fun Easter baking things coming up this month, starting with Easter nests, which we made this week. Emily absolutely loves doing this type of non-baking cooking, especially when their is chocolate involved! I love that Emily knows what we are doing and what it means when I get her baking apron out. She gets so excited and will say 'cake, cake' until I reply to her telling her that we are going to be doing some baking.

Thomas Land At Drayton Manor

We were lucky enough to be invited to a VIP event at Drayton Manor, asking for bloggers to come along, review the park and take part in the 2016 blogger ambassador programme application. We were entitled to a day there, plus a hour on the rides before it opened to the public at 10.30am. Drayton manor is home to Europes only Thomas Land, which underwent a £2.5 million expansion last year. It has over 25 rides and attractions meaning there is lots to keep little ones entertained with. Drayton Manor itself also has a 15-acre zoo which is home to over 100 species from all over the world.

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