Rainbow Cookies

 This week we decided to make Rainbow cookies, these have a orange taste to them, and they are super easy to make. Emily really enjoyed the dough when it was rolled into balls.

175g softened butter
50g golden caster sugar
50g icing sugar
2 egg yolks
2 teaspoons vanilla essence
300g plain flour
orange zest

How to make them?
- Pre-heat the oven too 180°
- Mix the butter, sugars, egg yolks and vanilla essence until creamy.
- Add the flour into the mixture in two batches, and then add the orange zest.
- Roll the dough into small balls, about the size of walnuts.
- Bake in the oven for 15 minutes.

Emily absolutely loved lining up the balls of dough on the baking sheet. Although she kept trying to pat them down. She showed more interest in this baking activity than last week with the cupcakes. Once we had baked the cookies, I dipped the cookies half way in icing, and then covered them in sprinkles. Emily was more interested in dipping the biscuit and then eating it rather than dipping it into the sprinkles. 

For the icing
140g icing sugar
Orange juice (squeezed from the orange)
- Mix the icing sugar with enough of the orange juice to make it a thick, runny icing. 
- Dip each cookie into the icing, and then straight into the sprinkles. 
- Leave the dry on a rack.


  1. Awww how adorable, she looks so proud to be helping out! :). I probably make cookies every week but haven't ever thought to dunk them in sprinkles, next time though! :) xx

  2. Ooo these looks yummy and I love the colour added by the sprinkles :)

    Helen x


  3. These look like so much fun to make! Especially for the little ones :) x

  4. Awe this looks so much fun :) Well done on the decorating Emily x

  5. Aww what a fun activity she looks like she is loving it.

  6. We love all your miniature bakes! You both look like you are enjoying making them together! X

  7. I love cooking with the kids (even if it does get a little messier) those cookies look yummy and I will try and find a post to link up too! (I love the linky badge)

    1. Thank you! I drew the badge and edited it on the computer :) x

  8. Someone looked like they enjoyed themselves :0)

  9. These look scrumptious! Great for little hands too x

  10. Yummy, the rainbow cookies look delicious. It seems that your little one had a great time helping out! :)

  11. These look fab and great fun to make. Eva would love doing the sprinkles. Will have to give it a go as the recipe looks nice and simple which I like x

  12. Someone enjoyed baking! Love these simple cookies, I haven't baked for ages so I need to start again soon and try these out

  13. Aw I used to love rainbow cookies when I was younger and little ones seem to love them too!

  14. My youngest, Eve, just pointed at the pictures and shouted "yummy"! I love the idea of orange juice in the icing. :D

  15. Jasmine would absolutely love making these - especially dunking them in the icing. Emily definitely enjoyed that part - it's very clear to see! ;)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  16. I think Emily needs her own cooking show, she sure does make it look fun x

  17. That seems like such a fun idea! Can't wait to get back into my kitchen!!

  18. Lovely linky out have. Those cookies look delicious. Unfortunately we rarely bake

  19. Oh these look so delicious - what a little cutie helper you have! Lovely photos. Kaz x

  20. How cute does Emily look! These look yummy and fab idea for a linky x

  21. aww she looks like she is having so much fun, bless her. popping over from Mummy2Monkeys

  22. Those cookies look so adorable! It's always lovely to get the little ones involved in the baking and Emily looks like she's having a ball! :) x

  23. These cookies are so sweet and the smile on your daughters face is adorable!

  24. Yummy! The look delish! Pinned for the future :) X


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