Me & Mine - January

Last year I vowed to join in with me and mine, but I didn't succeed. I think we joined in with 3 months successfully and then that was that and I forgot or got to busy. Looking back on my pictures from this year, I'm actually a little bit annoyed with myself for not taking more family pictures. I really want to make more effort to take family pictures, which is where Me and Mine comes in, it is a linky is all about capturing your whole family together in a photograph.

So here are a few snaps of us from January. We went to Brighton to visit my brother who lives there, and while the pictures look lovely, it was actually freezing cold! Emily absolutely loved the pier. She was happy to run along, the only problem we had was she wanted to constantly look down in between the slats because she could see the sea. This is the first time Emily has seen the sea (where she is old enough to remember), and she was absolutely fascinated by it. Everytime the waves hit the beach she would gasp and say 'oh'. I love her little personality, every little thing is amazing to her at the moment.

The Me and Mine Project

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