Emily's 17 Month Update

Another month, and another update. I can't quite believe how fast my little girl is growing, I feel like I say this everytime I write these but it's true. Emily has turned into such a cheeky little madam, she has an answer for everything, usually, that answer is 'no'. She also has an opinion on everything, and constantly asks for 'more'.  This month the weather hasn't been the greatest, we have spent most of our time indoors which hasn't been the best. It's left me feeling frustrated with the mess, and Emily very grouchy. She is definitely an outdoors person, she loves going to the park, splashing in puddles and exploring the outdoors. 

Emily also has a thing for stealing other peoples dinner. Whenever I dish up dinner, I put it all on the table, and Emily will take a spoon full of everyone else's dinner before eating her own. She often helps herself to 3 or 4 spoonfuls of my dinner even though we have exactly the same. I love watching her character develop.

Emily is sleeping a lot better now, she was waking up during the night, crying and taken a good hour or so to settle. I couldn't workout what was causing it, but whatever it was it seems to have gone away. Emily generally sleeps from 8pm until 10am. I wish that I could shift it an hour forward, so she would go to bed at 7 and wake up at 9, but she won't have any of it. She's a very hyperactive little lady, and HATES going to bed. She will laugh and play in her cot for a good 2-3 hours before drifting off to sleep. 

Emily dropped her naps when she was about 10 months old, and she still doesn't want to have a nap. Although if we go out anywhere she will nap in the car. 

This past month the fussiness has kicked in and I have started to dread mealtimes. I have had to do a lot of counting to ten and looking away. Emily has started to throw everything on the floor, or push it all away and say 'done'. It started off that Emily just stopped eating certain things, fruit and vegetables were the first on the disliked items, and now it seems that everything is on that list. The only things I know she will 100% eat is yoghurts and scrambled egg, let's be honest though - that is not a meal. 

Emily is more of a snack food person than actual meals, she will be happy to eat raisins and snack food all day if I let her. I thought that this was the reason she wasn't eating meals but even when I cut out her snacks, and only let her have her 3 meals, she still didn't eat. I honestly think that this is just the backlash of Emily recovering from being poorly and that it will all return to normal soon.

The other problem we are having is cutting tomato out of Emily's diet. Emily has had a patch of really bad eczema on her face, and it has been very red and irritated for quite some time. Her favourite types of food are lasagna, bolognese and ketchup. Although whenever she has these her face breaks out. After cutting it out of her diet, we are currently on week 2 her face has healed and gone back to normal. I'm thinking of re-introducing tomato slowly to see if it flairs up again if it does then I will have to think about cutting it out permanently. 

It isn't all bad though, Emily can use both her spoon and folk perfectly. She doesn't struggle at all, and can confidently scoop up whatever we give her, even rice which can be pretty tricky. 

Developmental updates and milestones:
Learnt lots of new words, her vocabulary is still expanding at a rapid rate, she is constantly talking and singing. Some of her new words are, more, doggy, sheep, nuggets, cake, wee wee, hide, egg, eyes. There are so many I would be here forever writing them all down. The other day we were on the way to Sam's nans. As we were driving along I pointed out some sheep to Emily, then comes a little conversation that me and Sam really didn't know what to say, or how to respond. Not just that but no idea where she learnt it.

"Me: look Emily there's sheep.
Emily: ohh
Me: they're all gone now.
Emily: yeah they died."

Emily started wearing 18-24 month clothing, although it depends on where the clothing is from, as some shops are way too big on her still.

We finally found a beaker that Emily can use without making her feel sick. That may sound silly but Emily still has newborn slow flow teats on her bottles, as anything faster makes her sick, and gives her terrible hiccups.

We went to brighton. Emily absolutely loved the pier, she had so much fun running along looking at the sea through the cracks.

Emily has absolutely loved doing arts and crafts this month, she has mastered holding a pencil correctly, and colours confidently. She also loves stickers, so much so I'm finding them everywhere. 

Emily loves nursery rhymes, she knows all of the actions to happy and you know it, and heads, shoulders, knees and toes. These seem to be her favourite.

Emily has two new teeth come through, she still HATES her teeth being brushed and will do anything not to have them done. Although she loves the taste of toothpaste and would eat it if you let her - anyone else's children like this?

Emily loves to help out with everything, she really enjoys putting rubbish in the bin for you or loading the washing machine. While this sounds like a dream, let me assure you it isn't when you find toys in the washing machine and the television remote in the bin.

Emily has a very good understanding of what you are saying. If you ask her not to do something, she sighs and say's "oh dear". A couple of minutes later she is back doing it again and giggles when you ask her not too - cheeky little E! 

Sofia the first 
Fisher Price Disney little people castle.
Mickey mouse blanket and bunny
In the night garden
Her kitchen
Sofia, Elsa, Anna, and Snow white figures
Mummy and daddy cuddles and kisses (she asks for them constantly)
Colouring pencils and colouring books
Helping mummy to cook and bake

Nappy changes
Getting dressed (she loves her character pjs too much)
Being told no
Brushing her teeth


  1. wow sleeping until 10am - sounds good to me! lovely pictures x

  2. What is it with tots and In The Night Garden?! Hope she gets back to eating her meals soon.

  3. Aww I love these monthly updates. They're brilliant to read back on and remember the days when your little ones did certain things. Very jealous of her little lie ins.

  4. Isn't it funny how they like to steal other people's food! Amy is 2 now and would still rather eat off my plate than her own even when it has the same stuff on!

  5. It is so nice to be able to keep these updates, they may seem trivial now but when she grows up, I am sure you will both cherish reading them and remembering all the good times.xx

  6. My youngest is three and my oldest 6 and they both adore being outside I hate this time of year it makes them so grouchy! I can't believe your little girl dosen't nap anymore my youngest is such a lazy bones he is three and he has too have a nap every day, if it gets too about 2pm and he hasn't slept I can see him getting grumpier x

  7. What a lovely post. I love having these to look back on. I can't believe how big our girls are getting!

  8. oh what a lovely update and certainly something to look back upon with smiles its such a lovely age when they are learning so much about the world around them and where they fit in to that

  9. What a sweet update! I love my princess dolls too! Especially Sofia xx

  10. Oh bless, look her all wrapped up inside the Teepee reading, how cute x

  11. Emily will love this record when she's older. What a great keepsake.

  12. Hahaha loved that Emily - oooh, Emily - yeah they dead lol. She is the first have heard who sleeps for that long wow.


  13. Such a lovely update. I hate getting dressed too, :)

  14. She truly is growing up bless her, is it a mixed blessing that she does not have naps?

  15. She's doing well :) "Emily also has a thing for stealing other peoples dinner." - that's a great sign. And that tent looks great. What is it about tents that wee ones love so much?

  16. I love reading updates like this :) My little boy hated having his teeth brushed too - up until he had them all and visits to the dentist began. He was old enough to have a go at brushing them himself and wanted to keep them sparkly white. So, I suppose I'm saying - don't worry, it's just a[n irritating] phase!

  17. Lucky you having a sleeper! As for brushing her teeth, do you let her do it herself, if she only has a few just chewing the toothbrush is enough and she may feel more grown up if you let her do it herself

  18. A lovely post and gorgeous photos, the teepee is so beautiful. She is growing up so fast! Kaz x

  19. Aww I do adore this little girly. She's getting so big and is super clever! Her hair is getting so long and beautiful. Hopefully see you at Drayton Manor!!! xxx

  20. I must admit I'm impressed with how long she sleeps, but if you need to get somewhere I can imagine it's a problem. Sounds like she is turning into quite a little character

  21. Oh what a little cutie. My little one is 11 months and some nights we cant get her down till after 9pm. Little madam. We have found that waking her up early made a bit of a difference but she's gone backwards again :( Children are never predictable that is for sure!


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