American Pancake Recipe

Yesterday was pancake day, I'm sure everyone knows this as our social media platforms become full of pancake pictures. Me and Emily made some yummy pancakes in the morning and did a lovely Sensory activity in the afternoon, so I just thought I would share our pancake recipe with you. Who knows maybe you will make them our way next time! I don't actually like 'English' pancakes, I much prefer American style pancakes. While making them the American way takes a little bit more effort than normal it is completely worth it if you ask me. Of course you can add any topping you like to your pancakes.

Emily had lots of fun using the whisk to mix the batter, she also gave it a go trying to crack the egg. It didn't go so well though, she completely freaked out when some of the egg white touched her. I'm guessing she really didn't like the feel. For a topping, we went for chocolate sauce and banana. 

140ml milk
1 heaped teaspoon of baking powder
3 large eggs
115g plain flour

How to make them?
Just grab two bowls, and seperate your eggs. The egg whites in one bowl, and the yolks in another. Add the flour, baking powder and milk into the bowl with the yolks, and mix until you have a smooth thick batter. You now need to whisk you egg white, I use a hand mixer to do this part as it is quicker. You need to whisk them until they form stiff peaks, then fold them into the batter. Thats it your batter is good to go. If you have a non stick frying pan, just add the batter once its hot and your good to go. I never use oil, I just wait for a couple of minutes until the bottom has gone golden and then flip them.


  1. I didn't actually make any yesterday, but will do so on the weekend. I like simple lemon and sugar with mine. American pancakes are amazing though and you have to have bacon and maple syrup if making them.

  2. Oh yummy! I managed to bag two pancakes yesterday, one of which I made myself :) Must be fun to have the little ones involved in making them xx

  3. They sound yummy, my Mom is American so these are the only pancakes I really knew till I was older x

  4. We are making pancakes at the weekend, an to be honest all my pancakes come out like this although I do try and get a crepe version ha ha!!

  5. They look lovely! Emily looks like she's enjoying helping too :) x

  6. I love American style pancakes! They are so much fluffier than ours! x

  7. great recipe I have never made american style pancakes before always just go for the crepe type ones but these look yummy! x

  8. I like the crepe version of the pancake so I'm the complete opposite to you. :)

  9. Im a crepe lover but could def give these a whirl as they look yummy!


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