Kitchen Revamp

For a while I have really wanted to change our kitchen, as you may know we have only been living in our little flat for a year. When we moved in I decorated the livingroom, bedroom and bathroom. I then set to work on making them more homely and moved onto Emily's bedroom. I poured my heart into her bedroom making it the perfect space for her. Now that I am pretty much finished with all of the rooms in our flat, it is time to give some much needed TLC to our kitchen.

When we moved into our flat the kitchen was bright blue, It has been such a hard colour to paint over. I initially went for a pale green, and it has just made the walls patchy, and I really don't like it. It makes the kitchen feel smaller in my opinion. I have decided to go with this grey colour, from homebase called 'Dove grey'. I then intend to accessories it with white furniture and some hints of black. I love the quote on the sign, and the meal plan chalk board would look great on the wall. It would also help me keep organised and stick to my 2016 goals. We also need a new toaster, and kettle as ours are tired and just giving up on us. I used to have a 2 slice toaster and it took me forever to make breakfast for us. I'm looking forward to having a new one. I picked these beautiful matching cream set from Dunelm.

We are lucky enough to have a big enough kitchen to have our dining table in there, I already have this Melltorp table from Ikea. I would love to purchase a couple of these matching chairs and get rid of the ones we have. We already have these Fargrik plates from Ikea in black, and then another set in green. I want to replace what is left of my green ones with the white ones. I will then have black and white plates. I need a new chopping board and some measuring spoons, so I popped these in this post to remind me for later. The last couple of things on my list are these spice racks, they are £3 a go, and will look lovely on our kitchen wall to house my growing spice collection. I will paint these cream, I brought some of these for Emily's bedroom, painted them and they turned out pretty well. I also want to get a cork board for the wall to pop all of our random documents and bits and bobs that we need to keep handy but dnt want to loose on. Finally the last thing on my list is some new saucepans, the anti-stick on mine is coming off and they are just tired and ready for the bin. 

So there you have it, my plans to revamp our kitchen, let me know what you think and what colour scheme you went for in your own kitchen.

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