Emily's 16 Month Update

Whenever I write these posts I always find myself reading them back in awe of how far my little E has come. Emily's personality shines through now, she is such a confident little chatterbox, with a attitude and kind heart. She has learnt that if she looks at Sam with her big blue eyes and say's 'please' she will get what she wants. At times she can be a complete daddy's girl, but it really depends on her mood as to who she wants. 

Emily is starting to grow out of her 12-18 month clothing, and I don't think it will be much longer before she is into 18-24 months or 1-1/2 - 2 years. She is also developing her own little style, I have mentioned on my blog before that she likes to pick out her clothing. It seems to have got worse recently, We went to next to get Emily a pair of slippers, and ended up coming out with a dress because it had cars on, and she loves cars. We also managed to somehow pick up a mickey mouse jumper from the boys section on the way out too. I asked if she would like the Minnie mouse one but she wouldn't have any of it. It is strictly Mickey mouse at the moment. I have to admit I do miss picking out her outfits, but I love that she has such a big personality.

From the get go, Emily has always been a chatterbox, and recently I can't seem to keep up. You have to be really careful what you say around her now as she picks up on everything. Some of Emily's new words and phrases are, Elsa, Why, Where gone, Who is it, Bu-bye, haahoo, ta-dar, more, on, shoes, moo (for cow), nanny, cake, nuggets, poo, look, wow, this please, oooh, down, baby, I could honestly go on and on at how many words she knows. She has very clear speech too and often talks to anyone who is willing to listen. Emily's favourite phrase is 'oh dear', she has always said it but recently she will drop something and say 'oh dear'. Oh dear, no and why are her answers for everything.

Emily's confidence continues to grow at meal times. She can confidently use her cutlery, and has even mastered using her spoon for sloppier food such as yoghurt, fruit pots and rice krispies.

For Christmas Emily was gifted a beautiful soft red fleece blanket with Mickey mouse and her name embroider on it. This blanket has become her most treasured possession, alongside Sofia of course. She will drag her blanket everywhere with her, and won't sleep without it. I'm really glad that she has developed a attachment to something else apposed to her dummy as we are having to take it off her due to her eczema on her face. 

Emily has been learning her body parts, she will point to her eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, hair and ears confidently. If you ask her where 'mummy's nose is' she will confidently point to mine instead of hers.

Her hair is starting to thicken out and is growing at a rapid rate, I am struggling to get her soft bristle brush through her hair recently. 

Emily is really asserting her independence, she doesn't want help with anything. She trys to put her shoes on by herself, won't let you help her load her spoon with the last bit of yogurt. She will turn away and shout no. 

As you may know, E is a massive fan of In The Night Garden, she has always loved the program and has developed the cutest little habit. When the opening credits start, she will grab your hand and make a circle on the palm of your hand using her finger just like the opening credits. It literally makes my heart melt everytime she does it.

Emily's obsession with Sofia the first is becoming serious. Everything is Sofia, if you ask her who is on the phone, it is 'fia', if you ask what she would like on television you get 'fia'. She even goes as far to blame 'Sofia' when she is up to mischief. When I ask her 'what she has done' she replies with 'no, fia did it'. It is so hard to keep a straight face when you get such a cute response.

Her imaginative play is really developing since she got her kitchen for Christmas, she loves to bring you cake, and pretends to pour tea out of her teapot into the cups for you. 

Emily  is really enjoying baking, we have made shortbread, cookies and rice krispie cakes in the past month. She loves to try and eat the mixture before we bake it, and always asks to do it again when we are finished. 

The big milestone we have hit since I last updated you is Emily is now in a toddler bed. She was constantly climbing out of her cot over the side, and I was so scared that she would fall out. We have purchased a cot guard, and since the sides have come off she has slept so much better. (more about that in another blog post).

I'm so proud of you baby E. 

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