A Letter To Emily

Dear Emily, 

I can't believe how fast you have grown, It feels like yesterday your daddy and I moved you from your moses basket into your cot, and now your moving into a toddler bed. Daddy and I talked over it for ages, wondering if you were ready although you made it apparent you were. I have caught you several times climbing out of your cot, and finding it very funny when I told you not to. I purchased a cot guard so you don't roll out of bed during the night. 

The first night went brilliantly, you slept all night and were really happy to be able to climb in and out by yourself. I moved the stair gate onto your bedroom so that you would stay in your bedroom in the morning because we live in a flat and I didn't want you to cause havoc in the bathroom. When you woke up in the morning I found you calling for me and standing at the stair gate, As soon as it was open you came running too me and gave me a massive cuddle. You make me so proud, and did brilliantly sleeping in your big girl bed.

I hope that you continue to sleep in your cotbed confidently, but I have one little request little E, please slow down and stop growing so fast.

We love you, Mummy x

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