Stroller Wishlist

Emily is now 16 months, and her trusty old Oyster seems to be getting a little tatty, not just that but she seems to be growing out of it. I love my Oyster and if I had another baby I would go for the same one again, so of course I will be sad to see it go. The problem is it takes up so much space in the boot, and we are going on more days out which is becoming a problem when you don't have space in the boot to store things. So I have put together a little wish list of the few prams/strollers I have been looking at. 

Breakfast With Organix

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Organix is celebrating national breakfast week (24th-30th January) to help inspire parents to get a great start to the day. When we heard about this of course we wanted to get involved, Emily is a big fan of Organix porridge and always starts her morning with that or fruit pots. Research shows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so of course we want to start the day of right.

A Letter To Emily

Dear Emily, 

I can't believe how fast you have grown, It feels like yesterday your daddy and I moved you from your moses basket into your cot, and now your moving into a toddler bed. Daddy and I talked over it for ages, wondering if you were ready although you made it apparent you were. I have caught you several times climbing out of your cot, and finding it very funny when I told you not to. I purchased a cot guard so you don't roll out of bed during the night. 

The first night went brilliantly, you slept all night and were really happy to be able to climb in and out by yourself. I moved the stair gate onto your bedroom so that you would stay in your bedroom in the morning because we live in a flat and I didn't want you to cause havoc in the bathroom. When you woke up in the morning I found you calling for me and standing at the stair gate, As soon as it was open you came running too me and gave me a massive cuddle. You make me so proud, and did brilliantly sleeping in your big girl bed.

I hope that you continue to sleep in your cotbed confidently, but I have one little request little E, please slow down and stop growing so fast.

We love you, Mummy x

Review: Teeny Beanies

I stumbled upon Teeny beanies when Emily was first born, I fell in love with the designs and I had my heart set on getting her one when she was old enough. When I was offered the opportunity to review on I couldn't wait. 

Teeny beanies are all designed and handmade in Shropshire, there are 14 cute and loveable characters to choose from. The teeny beanies characters are available in the form of bean bags, cushion, bags, wheat & lavender hotties, bunting and soft toys. Made from soft sudette fabric and fun fur, they are also machine washable which is vital when you have children. 

Kitchen Revamp

For a while I have really wanted to change our kitchen, as you may know we have only been living in our little flat for a year. When we moved in I decorated the livingroom, bedroom and bathroom. I then set to work on making them more homely and moved onto Emily's bedroom. I poured my heart into her bedroom making it the perfect space for her. Now that I am pretty much finished with all of the rooms in our flat, it is time to give some much needed TLC to our kitchen.

Goals For 2016

I've never been one to set new years resolutions, I always think that we start the year with such optimism and then it fizzles out. This year I decided to set myself some goals, just thinks that I want to achieve or work on this year. I have these noted in the back of my planner (see picture above), this way I have no excuse for not working towards them. I thought I'd share them with you and hopefully inspire some other people to work on things they have been wanting to improve for a while. 

Emily's 16 Month Update

Whenever I write these posts I always find myself reading them back in awe of how far my little E has come. Emily's personality shines through now, she is such a confident little chatterbox, with a attitude and kind heart. She has learnt that if she looks at Sam with her big blue eyes and say's 'please' she will get what she wants. At times she can be a complete daddy's girl, but it really depends on her mood as to who she wants. 

Review: Scruffs Classic Thermo Parka

When I was offered the opportunity to review for Scruffs hardware, I was so excited to finally get Sam involved. I have to admit Sam is one of the hardest people to buy for Scruffs have delivered innovative safety footwear and work wear for tradesmen since 2003. Scruffs continues to set the standard as the UK's leading work wear brand in terms of style, function and performance. 

Creating A Work Space

Happy New Year Guys! I know that I have been missing for a while, it's the 9th and I have only posted once, which is totally out of character for me and I guess I have some explaining to do. The thing is I just didn't feel like blogging, or vlogging for that matter either. For sometime I have been in a constant battle with myself, I find that I sit down on the sofa to blog, and get distracted by the television, a hour later and I still haven't written a word. It's now 1.30am and I suddenly have a burst of inspiration, which I have been waiting for! 

I have a lot to update you on, but I'm not going to do that all at once of course. First I'm going to tell you about my new little project. As many of you know (especially if you watch my vlogs, if you don't why are you not subscribed?) I live in a flat. There isn't a lot of space, and since Christmas our lounge looks like a toy shop. I'm fine with this obviously, as long as Emily is happy then I can cope with the mess. The problem is I don't actually have a space for me. I'm struggling more and more to get my thoughts and feelings out, not just in regards to blogging, but also my journal. It is so vital that I keep up with my journal, I kind of depend on it to keep my mental health stable. I have been speaking to Sam a lot about it, and we've come up with the idea of me having my own little desk space in our bedroom. That way when Emily naps (which is very rare!) or when Sam is home, I can retreat there and work on my blog, edit or journal. Self care is so important, and something I want to keep up with. I have been looking back on posts and come to realize just how far I have come, and I really don't want to go backwards.

WIN family tickets to In the Night Garden Live

Last year we we're lucky enough to go and see In the Night Garden live, Emily is obsessed with Makka Pakka. Emily thoroughly enjoyed the show, and watched the whole thing. This year the In the Night Garden showdome is back and will be visiting London, Birmingham, and Manchester. Tickets will go on sale on the 29th January, but you can WIN your very own family ticket. The family ticket is for 4 people, minimum of 1 adult to see the show at a venue and performance of your choice, subject to availability. Just jump over the the In the Night Garden live website here, for your chance to enter.

Hello 2016!

Sitting here writing this post, I am feeling thankful, and grateful for the year we've had. Sure we have had our ups and downs but we made it to the end of the year, happy, healthy and as a family. December was hard, we were worried about Sam's job as we would find out weather he would be made redundant on the 31st. Luckily we found out that the new company wanted to keep him and his job was secure. It didn't stop us worrying all over Christmas and trying to spend as little as possible just encase the worst happened. Of course this had a effect on my anxiety, I spent a whole month worrying about the smallest things and to be honest I'm so glad to move on from this year. 

While it ended on a low there was a lot of good, Emily had her first family holiday to Bluestones, I became a auntie, and Sam became a big brother. Emily adores both Lily and Bobby especially with them being so close in age to her. We went on another family holiday, and celebrated Emily's first birthday and watched her grow into a fully fledged toddler with a massive attitude. Emily is such a chatterbox, constantly picking up new words and stringing together sentences, her favourite saying is 'oh dear' and whenever she accomplishes something she will say 'taa-daa'. We have watched her learn to hold herself up, crawl and walk this year. I am so proud of the little girl that she has become, and I can't wait to spend 2016 watching her grow and her speech develop more.

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