Wish List.

So every year Sam racks his brain for gifts to get me for Christmas, personally I don't think that I am a hard person to buy for. I do have the tendency to go out and buy what I want when I want it rather than asking for it as a gift, so I can see how it becomes frustrating to buy me gifts. Anyway I thought I would put together a little wishlist of a few of the things I have been lusting over lately. 

1. Pandora Charm
Ever since I saw this beautiful charm I have wanted it, it reads 'first my mother, forever my friend'. It would make the perfect little gift from Emily that I would treasure forever, a couple of occasions where we have gone to buy it, it has been sold out.
2. Tripod
Since I started vlogging I found it increasingly hard to hold my camera and vlog a sit down type video, the tripod would really help, and this one comes in a handy bag.
3. Pyjamas
I love pyjamas, two years back Sam brought me the comfiest pair of pyjamas from Tesco that had pockets, since then I have been looking for new comfy ones.
There is nothing better than fluffy socks, and if they are Christmas themed that is even better. I ask for new ones every year.
This beautiful set from Lush would make the ideal gift as it comes wrapped. I also love the fragrance of the intergalactic bath bomb that is included.
6. Alice in wonderland colouring book
7. Harry potter colouring book
I find these colouring books really relaxing, Alice in wonderland and harry potter are two of my favourites. The great thing about the Alice in wonderland book is that some of the money gets donated to Macmillian.

8. Lord of the rings blue-ray box set
Well my inner geek is really starting to show now, I love lord of the rings, I have the box set on the DVD. I would prefer to have them on blue-ray though as the quality is better.
I loose my pencils constantly, I love this pencil case, the saying 'eat sleep blog repeat' pretty much sums up my days recently.
10. Calvin Klein - Eternity moment
This is my favourite perfume, I have had the same fragrance since I was a teenager and I haven't found another that I like as much as this. I'm running out, so I definitely need some more.
When I saw this T-shirt it did make me giggle, my favourite doctor who episode was the adipose.
12. Snow in love Yankee candle
This is my favourite fragrance which you can only get near Christmas.

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