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With Christmas fast approaching and 2016 well on the way, I have found myself looking for a new planner. This year I started 2015 really sucessfully with a planner until I lost it and found myself frazzled. I was determined to buy a planner for the upcoming year to keep both my blog and YouTube channel organised. When Stigu reached out and asked if I would like to review one of their planners, of course I said yes. It sounded like the perfect solution and just what I was looking for! 

Stick to Stigu is a fairly new product, essentially it is an annual planner/to-do-pad/notebook and also a rest and zest handbook hosted by the character 'stigu' and a couple of his friends. This is my favourite part of the planner, Stigu and his friends show encourage new habits in a non-judgmental, non-preachy way that actually work. Stigu is there to show you how with humor and compassion, through no-nonsense tips, practices, quotes and inspiring illustrations. Stigu will appeal to men and women of all ages, who have a lot to juggle in their lives.

At first glance I fell in love with this planner. I is the perfect size to be a desk top planner, and also a planner you can pop in your bag. I love how each day of the week has 5 different squares, sometimes circles. This gives me the ability to break down my day, into say schedules, birthdays, chores, or kids stuff. I think it is the perfect layout and you also have space on the opposite side to doodle, or write long to-do lists. I know I write lists about lists in a bid to stay organised. I always look for the inspirational quotes in the planner, my favourite being.. 
Writing is a form of theropy; sometimes I wonder how all those who do not write, compose or paint can manage to escape the madeness, melancholia, the panic and fear which is inherent in a human situation - Graham Greene

There is a couple of other features I love, such as the ability to tear of the corners of the pages. This will allow you to find the correct week fast and keep up to date with everything that is going on. The other thing I really like is the blank pages at the end of the calendar. This will become my little place to doodle when I need 5 minutes to myself. For ages I have been racking my brains thinking of how I could improve this planner, but honestly i'm drawing blanks. It is perfect for me and I wouldn't change anything about it.

You can buy a stigu planner from amazon at the bargain price of £12.71. I would definitely recommend this planner to my friends and family, in fact my cousin has actually brought one since seeing mine and falling in love with it. I can't wait to start using my planner properly in the new year. I already have jotted down all the upcoming birthdays. I guess I now have no excuse not to forget.

*I was sent this product in exchange for a review, however all opinions are my own*

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