Review: Christmas Eve Activity Box

Emily was recently given the opportunity to review a Christmas Eve Activity box by Kidz favourite party box, and I couldn't wait for her to receive it. Every year I put together a Christmas eve basket for Emily, and while they are lots of fun to do, they are very time consuming. When I saw this activity box, I wondered why I hadn't stumbled upon something like this sooner. It is such a thoughtful gift, and if you are working full time this would probably appeal to you too. 

When I opened the box I was surprised at how beautifully packaged it was. Each box is tailor made to your child, and the label on the front read 'To Emily, From Santa'. There are quite a few items in the box which I am really looking forward to using with Emily, but of course we are waiting until Christmas Eve. These boxes do come with a age recommendation of 3-12 years, however Emily is 1 and I am confident she would enjoy the activities in this box with a little help. Each box is filled with fun, creative, engaging and educational activities for children to explore.

There are lots of fun activities included in the box that I know Emily will really enjoy, such as the Santa stop here door hanger that she is able to colour in herself, and a foam snowman house. The contents of the box included, a personalised Santa letter and a 'good list' certificate which I thought was a lovely touch. I can see how these would be really appealing to older children, and it would definitely get them excited for Christmas. It also included some sparkly reindeer food, which was packaged beautifully, Santa's magic key, a activity/colouring book, crayons, a stocking, a embellishment pack, and a candy cane.

My favourite thing about this box was the personalised Santa letter, I am not going to spoil the surprise and tell you what is in the letter because that is between Santa and Emily. However I will share with you a little snippet which made me smile, and I thought was a really lovely thing to include. Something that I wouldn't have thought about but definitely something I will continue to use, and say to Emily.

"I have also sent you a very special "Santa's magic key" for you to leave out for me so that I can let myself in if there's no chimney in your house"

We live in a top floor flat, so I can see this being a question that Emily asks when she is older and more aware of Santa. So this is a brilliant little response to her questions.

The Christmas Eve activity box is priced at £10 (plus £2.80 for postage). I think this is a absolutely brilliant price for the amount of items you are receiving and it is definitely a price I am willing to pay in the future. If you would like to purchase your own box, head over to the website here.

*I was sent the Christmas Eve Activity Box in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own*

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