Our Christmas - 2015

So thats it, another Christmas over and done with, all the big build up, cluttered lounge and lots of naughty treats are over. The decorations are packed away ready for another year. As much as I love Christmas I was so glad to take down the decorations. This year the plan was to spend Christmas as a family of three, and stay at home, things didn't quite go to plan though. I had my Grandma with us for dinner because noone else invited her, and I didn't want her to be alone. Christmas is about family, and being alone on Christmas didn't really have that 'family' feel.

I thought Emily would enjoy Christmas but she didn't really. She loved all of her presents sitting there under the tree, but was not interested in opening any of them. Her kitchen was her favourite present and I can't figure out if that is because she likes it, or that it wasn't wrapped up. She did open a few gifts here and there, but we literally had to let her decide to do it herself and instigate it, or it just wouldn't happen. Once she did open them she really enjoyed playing with them, which I am really glad about. Of course there was some aspects of Christmas she really enojoyed, she loved waking up every morning to open her advent calendar, and was pretty upset when she realized that it was finished. She also loved all of the festive crafts, baking and activities we did together.

I successfully cooked Christmas dinner by myself, and I am happy to say that I got all the timings spot on. Roast dinners have never been my thing, I just don't enjoy them but Christmas dinner was actually pretty nice if I do say so myself. My Grandma left us shortly after dinner to go to my uncles, so we spent the afternoon trying to get Emily to open gifts, and watching Christmas television. There is nothing quite like Christmas tv, and the Christmas special of Doctor Who was pretty good!

This Christmas has defiantly been one of my favourites, but I'm sure that I am going to find myself saying that every year, for many years to come. We started our own little traditions this year which I intend to keep doing until Emily grows out of them, or doesn't want to play along anymore. These include, her Christmas eve box, and her Christmas book advent calendar. Being a parent makes Christmas so much more magical, and exciting. 

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas!

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