Making Christmas Cards

I'm sure you have guessed this already, but I'm a big fan of Christmas. I love the quality family time, spoiling my little girl and doing lots of seasonal crafts. One of my favourite things is receiving Christmas cards, this day in age we are so caught up in technology, texting, E-cards and social media. There is nothing better than receiving a Christmas card in the post, a handwritten card which was picked just for you. Even better than that a handmade, child-made Christmas card that you can keep forever. There is nothing better right?

We were sent some Craft supplies from Baker Ross, and I decided to use them to make Christmas cards with Emily. Emily has really started showing a interest in arts and crafts, she loves nothing more than painting and getting messy. I think it is really important for children to have a creative outlet, and I will always encourage craft activities with Emily. Baker Ross sent us a pack of 10 Christmas stampers, a bumper pack of Christmas card, and a box of poster paint, which is what I have used during this activity. 

For this activity I folded the A4 card, put 4 different coloured paints into a tray and gave Emily the Christmas stampers to use. She really enjoyed using the stampers on the card, and soon realized that if she used a different stamper, it would make a different mark. Emily soon discovered that she could use her hands to make prints on the paper too and enjoyed the feeling of the paint in her hands. I'm so impressed with the way they have turned out and I think that our family and friends will be happier with a handmade Christmas card.

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