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Emily is getting to that age now where she is noticing the difference between morning and night. She knows when the sun is out then it is time to get up. If her bedroom is still dark, she will whinge a little, I will go into her and give her a dummy and she will drift back off. However this is becoming increasingly difficult, she is slowly becoming hard to bargain with, and just wants to get up, sometimes at 4am. The little monkey has even been trying to get out of her cot, resulting in me and her daddy thinking about taking the sides off her cot. When the Gro company got in touch and asked us if we would like to review the Gro-clock, of course I was tempted to put it to the test, and see it it would work with Emily. After all being a parent, one of the biggest struggles is getting your child to wake up at a 'reasonable' time. 

The Gro-Clock is a product that I have heard a lot about, and I have heard so many positive reviews about it. Essentially it is a sleep training clock, it teaches children to stay in bed until they see the sun. You can choose whether or not you want to display the digital clock which would be ideal for older children, however Emily is too young to make sense of that just yet. To use the clock you simply set the time that you want your children to wake up, I went by Emily's normal wake up time which is around 8am. At 8am the star (night-time) automatically changes to the sun (day-time). I did think that the Gro-clock would automatically change from the sun (day-time) to the star (night-time), but it doesn't. This means you have to remember to do it yourself when you put your child to bed, but it is something that you can get into the routine of.

The one thing I really love about this clock is it is so lightweight, Emily loves to pull things off her side, and I was worried that she would pull the clock down and it would bump her on the head. However with the clock being so lightweight I don't think it would actually hurt that much, although I obviously don't want her to be pulling it at all. The pictures of the sun and star are appealing to children, they have friendly faces, Emily loves to point at the sun and wave at both characters.

If your child wakes up before the time you want them to, the star will still be displaying prompting your child to go back to sleep. The Gro-clock also has 'star to sun' function which means that the smaller stars surrounding the big star will disappear the closer it get to the set 'wake up time', this shows the passing of time. If you have the Gro-clock on a reachable side like I do, you don't need to worry about them changing all the settings as there is a key lock option which means they won't be able to change any settings. 

Another feature that we are loving, is the fact the clock doubles up as a nightlight. You can adjust the brightness to the level that your child is happy with, so it can provide a bit of comfort and reassurance which we definitely need. Emily isn't fond of the dark, she wont sleep unless her little lamp is on. If we turn it off and she wakes up, she will cry her little heart out and not go back to sleep. The Gro-clock is suitable from two years of age, however Emily is only fourteen months and is already getting used to having it in her bedroom, and learning what the sun and star mean. If you plan to use the Gro-clock I would defiantly recommend introducing it early. Emily has already learned that the stars mean nighttime, as she waves and say's night to the stars.

The Gro-clock comes with a beautifully written book for bedtime reading. It is all about a little pig who is tried and grumpy because he doesn't get enough sleep. It is full of lovely illustrations that Emily seemed to really enjoy. I can honestly say I only have positive things to say about the Gro-clock. It has become part of our bedtime routine, and I am sure that it will continue to be for a long time yet. If it helps Emily to get a full nights sleep I am all for that.

*I was sent the Gro-clock in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own*

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