Emily's Christmas Eve Basket

Last year was Emily's first Christmas and I so badly wanted to make her a Christmas eve box, but she was only 3 months and too little to know what is going on. So she just got a pair of pajamas. This year, she is older, she knows what is going on and is starting to come to grips with the idea of Santa and getting presents. I'm so excited to make December magical for Emily, and putting her Christmas eve basket together has made me even more excited. I will try and leave links to the things I have purchased for Emily, but some of it is from the poundshop so I might not be able to.

Ginger bread house: I got this from IKEA, I can't remeber how much it was but I think it was only a couple of quid. It will be perfect to decorate it on Christmas eve. I know Emily may be a little too small for this activity but with a little help she will at least be able to stick on sweets.
Once upon a Christmas DVD: I wanted a Christmas film for Emily's basket, and I would normally go for polar express as it is my favourite but we already have it on DVD. Emily is a massive Mickey and Minnie fan so I knew she would love this. I think it was only about £3 too.
Rufus Reindeer: Emily has a lot of these ELC toybox click clacks. She really enjoys playing with the different characters and likes to keep one in her backpack whenever we go out anywhere. I saw this little reindeer and fell in love. It is the perfect little festive gift. 
Mickey bowl and Minnie plate: I brought these from Tesco, they were £1 each which I think is a complete bargain. Emily has the Minnie and Mickey plate and bowls in the Halloween theme, so I know she will love these. I am tempted to give her them at the beginning of December so she gets a lot of use out of them.

Pajamas: Of course no Christmas eve box is complete without a pair of festive Pajamas. As soon as I saw these I knew that I wanted to get them. There is so many festive pajama's out there it is really hard to pick. These have the gorgeous cuffed bottom which Emily likes because she hates anything around her feet, they have a cute little reindeer and say 'How many days till Christmas'.

The night before Christmas book: There is quite a few 'The night before christmas' books out there, but I saw this one in Tesco and fell in love with the illustrations. The book was only £4 and came with a audio CD. This book is going to be wrapped up as part of Emily's Christmas book advent, however I have kept it seperate as I want it to be the one she opens on Christmas eve for her bedtime story.
Frozen stocking: Emily is a massive frozen fan, when I saw this I knew she would love it as it has glitter and stickers in it. The only problem is you have to stitch it together which I will do and then she can decorate it. 
Foam angel decorations: I love the idea of Emily making her own Christmas decorations each year and in years to come my tree will be full of them. There is nothing more precious than making those memories, so I can't wait to make these with Emily.

Colouring book: Although Emily is only 14 months, she is really good at colouring and really enjoys it. I struggled to find a normal Christmas colouring book but I stumbled upon this one in the pound shop, It does have activity pages in it too which Emily won't be able to do, but for £1 I don't really mind.
Crayons: Emily is at the scribbling stage and goes through crayons really fast as they snap. When I saw this pack of 72 in a little carry case, I knew they were coming home with me. They were only £1 too. Everyone loves a bargain.
Kinder mini mix: Everyone needs a treat, and this little box has a kinder egg, a medium kinder chocolate bar, a kinder Santa and a chocolate with cereal bar.

Have you put together a Christmas eve basket? I would love to hear what you have included.

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