Emily's 15 Month Update

This month seems to be the month where Emily has started to form a preference for things that she likes and dislikes.

Emily is in size 5+ nappies.

We also had to get Emily new shoes this month as she has gone from a size 3 to a size 4. She absolutely loves her new shoes, and actually picked them herself. Every other shoe I offered her she told me 'no' and held onto these pink ones firmly. So we ended up leaving with these gorgeous little pink shoes.

Emily has always been fussy when it comes to her food, it isn't the taste that puts her off but it is the texture. Whenever I give Emily her food, she will spend a food 5 minutes sorting it into piles before she decides she's going to eat it. She has also started using her cutlery successfully a lot more, and she also used a cup for the first time today without wearing her juice. I'm so proud of her, since she has a lot of trouble with sippy cups (the flow is too fast and gives her hiccups, and makes her sick) it is really nice to see her using a cup.

Emily currently has 3 bottles of milk a day, one in the morning, afternoon and the evening.

Emily has always been a chatterbox, and is like a little sponge when it comes to words. Some of her new words are, Bye, juice, more, again, shoes, ball, bath, bubble, teeth, daddy, Grandad, dog, cat, woof woof.

I have always spoken to Emily even though I knew she didn't really understand it. However recently her knowledge and understanding is becoming really clear. If I ask her to get her shoes, she will bring them to me. She also likes to keep on her routine, in the morning she will have her breakfast and then say teeth, to let me know it is time to brush her teeth. 

Emily has 12 teeth now, I have noticed that her teeth seem to come two at a time, poor buba.

I am finally able to put Emily's hair up in a little ponytail, I have been waiting to be able to do it for so long. Although she won't keep a bobble in her hair, she pulls it out straight away. 

Emily is becoming really affectionate, whenever me and Sam cuddle she will say 'aww' and smile at us before coming and giving us cuddles. Emily is so loving, she understands what a kiss is, if you ask her for a kiss she will give you one, although it is still a open mouth kiss - we need to work on that. She also asks for cuddles by calling them 'loves'. 

Emily is developing a attitude, she is a little diva and really likes to get her own way. She absolutely loves to share, and will happily give other people her toys, but she does get very possessive over her Sofia toys and Mog.

She has become really attached to her Minnie Mouse, she has never really had a attachment to a toy. However recently she has become really possessive over her Minnie Mouse. 

Emily doesn't nap and hasn't for a long time, however she does sleep straight through the night from 7.30pm to 9am.

She is very good at independently playing, she will be happy to play with her toys by herself and sits talking to them. 

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