Christmas Kingdom At Mead Open Farm

When we took Emily to Mead farm for her first birthday, I fell in love with the place. It has a really relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. While I was there I saw the advertisements of the upcoming Christmas kingdom and I was absolutely certain that it was where we would take Emily to see Santa. Although she saw Santa last year, she wasn't old enough to understand what was going on and we didn't go to a experience of sorts. We saw Santa outside a supermarket as they were collecting donations for charity. Now that Emily was older I wanted it to be a real experience for her, spending the whole day doing various activities, and then seeing Santa.

As we entered the Christmas kingdom we were met by a lovely elf who gave us some 3D glasses and took us through too watch a enchanting 3D movie, where you see Santa and his reindeer flying away to deliver gifts. Emily wasn't really interested in this part, I think due to her age and the fact she didn't want to wear the glasses so the whole thing looked blurry to her. However her daddy really enjoyed this part. Once that was finished, we walked through into the Elves Christmas Village, it was beautifully laid out, with Christmas trees and lots of lights. This was Emily's favourite part of the experience, she really enjoyed running around and looking at all of the different displays. The layout was brilliant for toddlers, all of the displays were behind a fence which stopped Emily from getting to them or pulling at them. It also gave her the freedom to run around and explore without me worrying about her damaging something or getting hurt.

After Emily had finished exploring we were able to make some reindeer food to take home, in preparation for Christmas eve. The elf that helped us was so polite, and had real patients with Emily. Although she wasn't sure of him, he took the time to talk to her and offer her the spoon to full up her bag. I helped her to fill her cellophane bag before the elf tied a ribbon around it and added a little tag explaining that we were to sprinkle the reindeer food on Christmas eve. I thought it was lovely that he told Emily this, even though she was too young to understand. 

So, we watched the 3D experience and made the reindeer food, the last thing to do was meet Santa. I was a little anxious for this, as I wasn't sure how Emily would react, and she is quite shy. We were lead through by a elf, into a beautifully set out room. There was lots of decorations in the room, Christmas trees, stockings, and Santa sitting in the corner. Santa was very polite and had so much patients with Emily, she was very shy and wouldn't go near him. Even sitting on her daddys lap next to him freaked her out a little. Non the less he tried to talk to her, and made the experience as magical as it could be. A elf was there to take a picture, and then Santa gave Emily a ticket. This ticket allowed Emily to pick her own gift from Santa's workshop. I absolutely love this idea, Emily isn't your stereotypical girl - she picked a tractor. Being able to pick her own toy made her happy. When I was little we were given 'boy' or 'girl' toys, which wouldn't of suited Emily. 

I really enjoyed our experience, I had such a lovely day. The prices of the tickets were really good value, and we were able to access the farm all day which was included in our ticket price. After we had finished visiting Santa, we headed out to the farm to meet the animals. Emily's favourite when we visited for her birthday was the reindeer. We were happy to see that Mead farm have two new additions, reindeer called Ruby and Rizzo. I would definitely recommend visiting mead open farm, it has something for everyone, animals to visit and feed, go-carts, outdoor play areas, and indoor play areas. I also vlogged the day if you would like too watch

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