Christmas Films with Netflix

There is nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with the family and watching a good film. There are so many films available to watch on Netflix which are bound to get you in the festive mood. Whether you want to entertain the children while you get on with jobs, or simply want something special to sit down and watch together as a family, Netflix has it all. So I thought I would put together a little list, of my top 6 Christmas movies, that are available to stream on Netflix.

Home Alone
Netflix have home alone films 1, 2 and 3 available. My personal favourite is number 2. The film follows a 8 year old who accidentally gets left home alone at Christmas. He then has to defend himself and his house when a pair of buglers set their sights on his house. This film is a light hearted classic that is bound to have you in fits of giggles.

A Christmas Carol
A Christmas carol is actually Sam's favourite out of all of the movies I picked, It tells the story of scrooge, who learns the power of opening his heart. After meeting the three ghosts of Christmas, will he be able to do it? This is such a family friendly movie, with a beautiful meaning. It teaches kindness and the importance of giving at Christmas.

Mickey's Once upon a Christmas
This is Emily's favourite movie, she absolutely loves mickey mouse, so we knew this would be a hit with her. Mickey tells three storys. Duck tales, A very goofy Christmas and The gift of magi. Mickey Mouse is such a well loved and well known character, no matter your age you are never to old for a little Disney magic.

All I want for Christmas
This is a new film to me, It was the first time watching it and I fell in love. It has such a sweet meaning, It tells the story of Hallie and Ethan. There Christmas wish is reuniting their divorced parents. Thats a tall order for Santa to fill, but can he do it?

Mickey's magical Christmas
Poor old Donald duck has the blues, but lucky for him Mickey is there to spread some Christmas cheer, after being snowed in, mickey and his friends throw a Christmas party to try and regain Donalds Christmas spirit. This movie reminds me of my childhood, it did for Sam too as we have both watched it several times. Its nice that we are carry on the tradition of watching it, but now with Emily.

The Santa clause
The Santa Clause has to be one of my top 5 favourite all time Christmas movies. It tells the story of Scott Calvert, and how after Kris Kringle had a unfortunate accident, he as to step into the big guys boots. This is a feel good film that is guaranteed to make you laugh. Definitely one to watch!

Let me know what your favourite film is and what you will be watching over the festive period. #netflixstreamteam

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