Our Christmas - 2015

So thats it, another Christmas over and done with, all the big build up, cluttered lounge and lots of naughty treats are over. The decorations are packed away ready for another year. As much as I love Christmas I was so glad to take down the decorations. This year the plan was to spend Christmas as a family of three, and stay at home, things didn't quite go to plan though. I had my Grandma with us for dinner because noone else invited her, and I didn't want her to be alone. Christmas is about family, and being alone on Christmas didn't really have that 'family' feel.

Merry Christmas

From our household to yours, I hope that your day is magical, full of love, laughter and happiness. Merry Christmas to all my readers I really appreciate all of your support on my blogging journey. Don't forget you can find all of our Vlogmas videos over on our YouTube channel here. I will return to blogging on Monday 28th, see you then!
Enjoy your day!

Baby's Big Day Out!

Recently, we visited Santa! I was so excited to be able to take Emily this year. Last year Emily was only 3 months old, and the experience wasn't special, magical or memorable. Emily met him outside of a supermarket, and we snapped a little picture. This year Emily is older, she understands what is going on, whenever you show her a picture of Santa she replies with 'ho,ho,ho'. We decided to take Emily to a experience rather than just spending ten minutes visiting Santa and leaving again.

Review: Stigu Planner

With Christmas fast approaching and 2016 well on the way, I have found myself looking for a new planner. This year I started 2015 really sucessfully with a planner until I lost it and found myself frazzled. I was determined to buy a planner for the upcoming year to keep both my blog and YouTube channel organised. When Stigu reached out and asked if I would like to review one of their planners, of course I said yes. It sounded like the perfect solution and just what I was looking for! 

Christmas Kingdom At Mead Open Farm

When we took Emily to Mead farm for her first birthday, I fell in love with the place. It has a really relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. While I was there I saw the advertisements of the upcoming Christmas kingdom and I was absolutely certain that it was where we would take Emily to see Santa. Although she saw Santa last year, she wasn't old enough to understand what was going on and we didn't go to a experience of sorts. We saw Santa outside a supermarket as they were collecting donations for charity. Now that Emily was older I wanted it to be a real experience for her, spending the whole day doing various activities, and then seeing Santa.

Review: Lolly in sweetie land

As you may have guessed by now, Me and my little bookworm seem to be growing a little library. We recenetly got given the opportunity to review 'Lolly in sweetie land' by Susie Davids and we jumped at the chance. It sounded like the perfect girly book that Emily would love, and I wasn't disappointed. 

Review: A BuZZy White Christmas Book

We were lucky enough to be sent this lovely book for review, it was actually part of Emily's Christmas book advent calendar and I did forget which one it was so it took us a while to get to it, but when I did I wasn't disappointed. 

The author Michael Walter's granddaughter reached a age where she could and wanted to read, he wanted to contribute to her development in a positive way. From how to handle day-to-day activities to how to play with other children, how to cook and other mysteries to address for an enquiring mind of a 5 year old. Micheal came up with the idea to combine these lessons into a series of Children's books, and that is when BuZZy friends were born. He has currently written and produced four books, each one allowing children to join the BuZZy Friends as they go about their daily escapades, discovering a huge range of life lessons along the way.

Review: The Winter Children

Since I wrote my post about finding balance in my life, and dealing with my depression through self-care. I have been taking time for myself in the evenings, or on the quiet moments I have during the day. I'm a little bookworm at heart but since having Emily it is one of the things I have let slide but I am eager to get back. So when I was offered the opportunity to review 'The winter Children' by Lulu Taylor and I jumped at the chance. This is Lulu Taylor's 7th novel, and she is a amazing writer. I have to say I have never read any books by her but I will definitely be purchasing some more.

Christmas Food Plate #OrganixFoodFun

I'm sure you all remember my Halloween food plate, I had so much fun putting it together and working with Organix. I decided why not do a Christmas version, so that is what I decided to do. As you may remember Emily is quite a fussy eater, and the more creative I get with her meals, and the lay out of her plate the easier it is to get her to try new things. Just like before Organix sent me over there YouTube video, and some carrot sticks to help me recreate the Christmas tree that they made. I have attached the video below.

Emily's 15 Month Update

This month seems to be the month where Emily has started to form a preference for things that she likes and dislikes.

What's In Emily's Stocking

I thought I would share with you what is in Emily's stocking this year. I am absolutely loving this age as there is so many different little things I can get for her, that I know she will love. I will try and add links where I can, but if I can't, I'm sorry. I have also done a blog post on Emily's Christmas Eve basket if you're interested. 

Baking Shortbread

Emily was recently sent this beautiful chef set by Papucci, and I absolutely love it. The set feautires a Chef's hat, an oven glove and a little apron. This set is perfect for imaginative play, or for helping in the kitchen. Emily has a kitchen for Christmas, so I am sure she will love wearing her apron while she is playing in her kitchen. Emily has also been helping me to bake, and has really been enjoying it, so I thought I would share some pictures with you of what we have been up too.

Wish List.

So every year Sam racks his brain for gifts to get me for Christmas, personally I don't think that I am a hard person to buy for. I do have the tendency to go out and buy what I want when I want it rather than asking for it as a gift, so I can see how it becomes frustrating to buy me gifts. Anyway I thought I would put together a little wishlist of a few of the things I have been lusting over lately. 

Review: Christmas Eve Activity Box

Emily was recently given the opportunity to review a Christmas Eve Activity box by Kidz favourite party box, and I couldn't wait for her to receive it. Every year I put together a Christmas eve basket for Emily, and while they are lots of fun to do, they are very time consuming. When I saw this activity box, I wondered why I hadn't stumbled upon something like this sooner. It is such a thoughtful gift, and if you are working full time this would probably appeal to you too. 

Review: HiPP Organic

Emily has recently been trying out the new HiPP Organic tray meals. These have come in so handy for dinners in a rush, and also for popping in my bag when we head to nanny's house, just encase we are having something that Emily doesn't like. I found the price of the product to be really reasonable, and they are a brand that we have always used and trust. Each tray is a 'mini meal' which is packed with flavour and different textures to help your child get used to eating foods. The tray meals contain at least 1 of your childs vegetable portions, as well as having bite-size pieces for them to chew. 

Christmas Films with Netflix

There is nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with the family and watching a good film. There are so many films available to watch on Netflix which are bound to get you in the festive mood. Whether you want to entertain the children while you get on with jobs, or simply want something special to sit down and watch together as a family, Netflix has it all. So I thought I would put together a little list, of my top 6 Christmas movies, that are available to stream on Netflix.

Missing you..

Christmas is approaching fast, I can't believe we are already a week into December. I know that Christmas has a different meaning for everyone, but since having Emily it has just become more magical. I'm so excited to make it the best it can be for her, to go all out and make it an amazing day for her. In the back on my mind there is always a thought, a thought that has been with me everyday since I have given birth. I wish Grandad could meet you. I have spoken on here a little bit about the relationship I had with my Grandad. It was the closest relationship I have ever had with someone, and I think it always will be. He wasn't just my Grandfather, but he was my best friend and I don't care how cheesy that sounds. My Grandma always called me his shadow, and I used to say I was his number one. Not because I was better than any of my cousins or it was a competition but because I was the eldest, I had him in my life the longest, and I was the only girl so naturally I got a little spoilt. 

Gro-Clock Review

Emily is getting to that age now where she is noticing the difference between morning and night. She knows when the sun is out then it is time to get up. If her bedroom is still dark, she will whinge a little, I will go into her and give her a dummy and she will drift back off. However this is becoming increasingly difficult, she is slowly becoming hard to bargain with, and just wants to get up, sometimes at 4am. The little monkey has even been trying to get out of her cot, resulting in me and her daddy thinking about taking the sides off her cot. When the Gro company got in touch and asked us if we would like to review the Gro-clock, of course I was tempted to put it to the test, and see it it would work with Emily. After all being a parent, one of the biggest struggles is getting your child to wake up at a 'reasonable' time. 

WOW Toys Review & Giveaway

Emily was recently sent the Farmyard advent calendar just in time for the countdown to Christmas by WOW Toys. I have to say this is a completely new thing for me, I have heard of toy filled Advent calendars before but I've never had one or seen one. I think it is a amazing idea, especially for children who can't have chocolate. WOW Toys is a company that I love very much, their toys are battery free, long lasting and excellent quality. They are also strong enough to withstand the use and tantrums of a toddler. So of course I had high hopes for the advent calendar.

Making Christmas Cards

I'm sure you have guessed this already, but I'm a big fan of Christmas. I love the quality family time, spoiling my little girl and doing lots of seasonal crafts. One of my favourite things is receiving Christmas cards, this day in age we are so caught up in technology, texting, E-cards and social media. There is nothing better than receiving a Christmas card in the post, a handwritten card which was picked just for you. Even better than that a handmade, child-made Christmas card that you can keep forever. There is nothing better right?

Emily's Christmas Eve Basket

Last year was Emily's first Christmas and I so badly wanted to make her a Christmas eve box, but she was only 3 months and too little to know what is going on. So she just got a pair of pajamas. This year, she is older, she knows what is going on and is starting to come to grips with the idea of Santa and getting presents. I'm so excited to make December magical for Emily, and putting her Christmas eve basket together has made me even more excited. I will try and leave links to the things I have purchased for Emily, but some of it is from the poundshop so I might not be able to.

Toddler Gift Guide

Christmas is approaching fast, I feel like I have blinked and November has passed. I'm usually one of those super organised annoying people, who has brought all of her presents by mid-November, has the tree up and the presents wrapped. This year that just hasn't happened. Although I'm happy to say I have just finished Emily's Christmas presents, she now has everything we are getting for her. 

Our Book Advent

So today is December 1st, the day I finally get to put my Christmas tree up, yay. Also the day Advent calendars start. Before Emily was born I saw the Christmas book tradition on Pintrest (I think), I thought it was such a brilliant idea and knew it would be something I wanted to do with my little girl. I love Christmas and think it is such a magical time of the year, I have my own little traditions for example baking cookies on Christmas eve, and I want Emily to have her own little traditions too. While I am sure you will hear a lot about them over December, this is the first one I am going to introduce you too. As you can see from the picture above, Emily does have her two chocolate advent calendars (one from us, and one from her Nanny and Grandad). She also has a WOW toys farmyard advent calendar, and her book. She is going to be over the moon when she sees them in the morning.

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