What Is In Emily's Bag & Goodies Review

I thought I would share what Emily takes in her little bag when we go out, I am frequently asked what she has in her little bag. Since Emily started walking, which was at 10 months, she became really independent. She will try her best to copy everything I do, and this includes putting things in my bag after she has watched me pack my bag for our day out, or where ever we are going. Since she really took a interest we purchased this lovely navy pink lining mini rucksack for her birthday. As soon as we popped it on and she realised that she could put things in there it became one of her favourite things to do. Whenever we go out she wants to take her bag, and I think it is so cute that she has it. So these are a few of the things we have inside. 

First of all we have a book, Emily is a little bookworm, she will sit and read all day and loves to read in the car when we are off to see Nanny (which is a 45 minute drive). We also have her Minnie mouse comforter, Emily loves her Jelly cat rabbit which is her main comfort but she also likes this and it fits in her bag better because it is smaller. She also has her dummy just incase, although she is really good and only asks for it at bedtime or if she hurts herself. She also has her toot toot driver, she has a lot of these and it varies between what vehicle she takes. She is obsessed with cars, trains, planes, lorrys, pretty much all vehicles. Lastly we have a few goodies snacks, I think it is so important to remember snacks, especially when your heading out because you never know when you need them. I find Emily is more of a snacker than a big eater, and she tends to demand snacks often so I like to be prepared.

We were kindly sent a couple of Organix goodies items to review. First up were these Apple & Orange mini oat bites, which are packed with raisins and wholegrain oats. They have to be one of my favourite products and since receiving them I have purchased a couple more packets. They are fab for chucking in your bag when you are in a rush as they are individually wrapped. I also think they are the perfect size. I have to admit these are really tasty, when I opened one for Emily the smell was amazing, so amazing that I had to try one for myself. I wasn't disappointed and I really enjoyed it. Emily also loves them and will rummage in my bag for them. They are also really reasonably priced at £2.69 a pack and you get quite a few.

We also got sent these farm animal biscuits, Emily has had these quite a few times in the past and has always enjoyed them. Her favourite thing about these biscuits is the fact they have different animals on the biscuits. At first I didn't think she really noticed, but after a while it became apparent she had and before she would eat one she would point to it, and 'say' the animals noise or name if she knew it. I have then since started picking out 3-4 different animals for her lunch. These are the perfect size, and they are great for sharing too. I do wish they came in mini packets, as one box lasts us ages and sometimes they go a little stale if we don't seal the packet up properly. They are priced at £1.39 for a 100g box, which again is reasonably priced.

What is your child's favourite Organix product?

*I was sent these products for the purpose of the review, however all opinions are my own*

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