Pumpkin Carving

Last year was Emily's first Halloween and she was only a month old, this year I was excited for her to join in with all the fun! I decided to carve a baby carriage, with hands a feet in our pumpkin last year as it was Emily's first, you can find that here. This year was definitely a lot more fun, because Emily is at a age where she wants to help you with everything. We headed down to the farm shop a couple of weeks ago to pick out our pumpkins, we also purchased a couple from Tesco and we have kept them nice ever since just waiting to be able to carve them. 

Emily got to help us carve the pumpkins. She had great fun pulling out the pumpkin guts and wasn't fussed about the feeling of it at all. She actually really enjoyed herself and liked to separate the pumpkin seeds from the gooey inside. I had seen a lot of people painting there pumpkins rather than carving them, and it did look like great fun but I wanted Emily to explore the pumpkin properly as I knew she would enjoy the mess. So that is what we did. 

It began to turn into a little game, she would pull out the seeds, and then put them all in my hand before trying to put them back inside the pumpkin. She was literally in her element and she loved it. Playing with the pumpkin guts does make a brilliant sensory experience. It was a change to talk about what she was feeling and encourage language development. We also counted the seeds as she pulled them out, although she is too young to follow the pattern of counting. I did also record us carving pumpkins, it is in the vlog titled Halloween so be sure to head over to my YouTube channel and have a look.

Here are our finished pumpkins, Emily was thrilled with her Minnie mouse pumpkin. Did you carve or paint your pumpkins? I'd love to know! 

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