Organix Finger Food Review

We were recently sent some items from Organix for Emily to try, She has always been a big fan of Organix products so I knew that she would really enjoy them. They arrived on a cold rainy day, perfect if you ask me. Emily spent the afternoon colouring, she is getting so good at holding the crayon confidently now. Colouring is tiring work, did you not know? She got very hungry and decided to have a little snack. She absolutely loved the cheese stars, but could only manage 3-4. The packet is very large, and the stars themselves are bigger than I would have thought. They were perfect for her and she really enjoyed them. I tried one myself, and they taste just like mild wotsits, but are obviously healthier. 

Emily was also sent these Strawberry baby biscuits. She really enjoyed these and I knew she would as strawberries are her favourite. These are easy to hold as there is a hole in the middle, these are the first ring shaped biscuit for babies. They come in three delicious fruity flavours, the exciting and unique ring shaped biscuits are great for little fingers to hold, and not so easy to drop. There are 9 rings in a pack and they are a good size. I would say they are great value for money. The only downside is that the packaging is not resealable so if you want to give your child one or two then you need to put the biscuits into a airtight bag or something else they will go stale. 

What is your child's favourite snack?

*I was sent these products for the purpose of the review, however all opinions are my own*

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  1. Gorgeous photos, looks like Emily had a great time colouring. Organix snacks are great, haven't heard of these two before, will have to get them and see if Osian likes them xx


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