Hosting Christmas Dinner

This year Christmas is going to be even more exciting than last years, as many of you may already know it is my favourite time of the year and I really can't wait to get into the festive spirit a little more. This year will be the first year that we are staying at home, it will also be my first year cooking a Christmas dinner. I'm pretty good at cooking a full roast, so Christmas dinner shouldn't be a problem even with a crazy little 15 month old running at my feet, happy eating chocolate and showing me all of the new things that she was lucky enough to receive. My Grandma is also spending Christmas with us this year, and coming for dinner because I really don't like the though of her being alone at Christmas.

 With all of that in mind, of course I am already planning our decorations. I love making everything look pretty and feel christmassy, and obviously the kitchen table isn't going to get left out. I have been pinning ideas like a crazy person, and searching online for different bits and bobs. My kitchen is green, and the plates green and black, so I think I am going to go with a colour scheme that matches that. So I thought I would share my inspiration and the things that I am loving right now. You can find out what I'm loving over on my pintrest.

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