Emily's 14 Month Update

I can't believe how grown up my little monkey is, she has become a little diva lately, and is so cheeky. It has become very clear lately that she understands alot more than she lets on at times, she is so responsive and is only ever quiet if she is up to something. She is constantly talking, babbling or singing. Emily is a little sponge, she picks up words and phrases really quickly, she only needs to hear it once and she will copy. I'm constantly reminding everyone to be careful what they say around her now. 

The other day she came out with a new word and I had to double take, I really did wonder what she actually said. Sam will say 'god' instead of swearing, Emily tripped over his shoe and proudly said 'oh god', I was in fits of giggles.

Emily has learned lots of new words, and the list seems to grow rapidly. Car, please, eyes, nose, shoes, bubye, keys, bum, poo, juice, more, no, I could be here all day listing more and more things.

Emily is still in a size 5+ nappy, and a 12-18 month clothing. She seems to be having a little growth spurt and it is really showing. Her clothing used to be pretty baggy and now it is starting to fit her better.

Sharing is something Emily is really good at, she will happily give her toys to anybody if it makes them happier. She is really headstrong though, if she is playing with a group of friends and one of them snatches, she will take it upon herself to snatch it back and give it to the person it was snatched from.

Emily is such a polite little girl, she will always say please and taa (for thank you).

She is happy to sit and read to herself, or her teddy's whilst babbling. The past couple of weeks she has become really attached to her bunny, she sort of grew out of the wanting bunny stage but it seems to be coming back in full force. She loves to sit bunny next to her in her teepee and show her books to bunny.

Emily is obsessed with my kitchen cupboards, she will take my tins and dishes out and place them on the floor, she then will enjoy placing them all back in the cupboard again. She also enjoys pulling out the raisins and quavers proudly, she will attempt to open them herself but she hasn't quite mastered it yet.

She absolutely loves brushing her teeth, she currently has eight, and a couple coming through which are giving her jip as her sleep is really disrupted, and she is in quite a bit of pain. She is very independent when brushing her teeth, she doesn't like to let anyone help.

Emily is still having two bottles of cows milk, and eating us out of house and home. She literally doesn't stop eating, her favourite is pasta, if you give her pasta she won't stop eating it until it is all gone. She is also mastering to use her spoon and folk pretty well.

She loves to colour in, she will sit at her little table, with her colouring books and crayons all day if I let her.

Emily is such a fussy person when it comes to food, if she doesn't enjoy something she will throw it on the floor, again such a strong willed little person.

She loves to be outdoors, she hates being inside and gets really grumpy if she hasn't been outside during the day. We do go out everyday, even if it is raining just to keep her happy.

Emily loves to climb, she really enjoys running too. One minute she will be next to me and then all of a sudden she will be across the other side of the room.

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