Autumn/Winter Boots Wishlist

Emily is growing faster than I can keep up, at the moment she has her little canvas shoes from Clarks and her wellies, but with the change in weather I have been looking at little boots for her. Something to keep her feet warm and if it rains her shoes wont get soaked through. I thought it would be easy to find a cute little pair of boots that I liked, but they're is so many different ones to chose from. So I thought I would share with you the ones I am considering. As you may be able to tell there is a little theme within the boots I have picked, most of them are brown/tan colour.

1 | These are my favourite but they are the most pricey out of all the boots included in the wishlist. I really like the look of these boots, the cute buckle detail and the colour of these boots are perfect. I'm sure they will go with most outfits. 
 2 | I think these little boots are absolutely adorable, Emily's little shoes are velcro and she really enjoys to push the velcro down herself. These would be perfect for her to carry on practicing however the little fox face would be such a distraction to her. She has little bows on her wellies that she constantly looks at when she is walking, so I'm sure she would be looking at the fox faces too.

3 | I love the quilted pattern on these boots, they also have a cute little flower buckle.
4 | These little boots are very similar to number 1, except these are a darker tan and slightly cheaper.
5 | Last but not least these are my favourite boots, and they are from Jones bootmakers. Although they are black which isn't a colour I thought I would like. They are beautiful, I really like the fur cuff and the little heart charm. You can find them here.

What are your favourites? Do let me know in the comments. 

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