How to know your addicted to Netflix? #NetflixStreamTeam

I'm a big fan of Netflix, I love to keep up with all of my favourite box sets, and watch some movies in the evening with hubs. Emily also loves the kids part of Netflix and uses it often. So why is it so addictive, on September 30th the new series of One upon a time was released. I have been addicted to this series for as long as I can remember, and I was so excited when they released the new episode, the only downside is it is one a week. Do you know how hard it is to wait a whole week! I think my relationship with Netflix may have slightly gotten out of control. Even while I type this, my phone is leaning against the laptop so I can keep watching Netflix. I could lie and say I go to bed every night at 10pm, but I would be lying, I'm a insomniac so there have been many a sleepless nights where I have stayed up till 4 or 5am binge-watching various different seasons. 

Here are a few of the boxsets I'm currently addicted to, most of these I have already seen now, but I could re-watch each of them, over and over again. We have just finished scream, I have to admit we finished it in two days, it was pretty good but its more of a teen drama. Daredevil is one I would recommend, it is amazing but a little to violent for me. Anyway I recommend them all.

So how do you know your addicted to Netflix? Well here is a few signs that I am, you might identify with them too, and I'm afraid if you do there is no going back. Welcome to the club.

1. You find yourself saying just one more episode until there is no more episodes left.
2. The internet goes down and you become a desperate, angry, mess who is willing to kill just to get it working again.
3. You're heartbroken and besides yourself when you finish a series and there is no more.. now what are you going to do?
4. You cry over fictional characters you watch on Netflix more than you do in real life, I mean come on, who didn't cry when Emma sacrificed herself in once upon a time?
5. You haven't turned on real TV for days, you haven't watched soaps in so long you don't know the story line.. I mean what even is a DVD?
6. You take Netflix everywhere you go, obviously you have the app on your phone, and tablet.
7. You can't talk to anyone who is ahead of you in a series, just incase they let slip what is happening. 
8. Friends always come to you when they need advice on what new shows to watch, after all you have seen everything.

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  1. Hello there fellow Netflix addicted insomniac! Oh, I so get you. I'm almost bereft when I finish a series. And you've given me a few new series ideas to try out so thank you :)


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