Emily's Halloween Basket

I put together a Easter basket for Emily, and fully intend to do a Christmas eve box for her. So that got me thinking, why not do her a little Halloween basket? She is much to young to go trick or treating, and if I'm honest I don't really like the idea of 'trick or treat'. That doesn't mean that I want Halloween to go on unnoticed. So I decided to put together a little box of treats for her, Some books and a few activities for her to do with me over the week. So I thought I would share those with you.

As you know we are part of the Baker Ross Blogging Network, which means we get to do lots of fun themed activities. They recently sent Emily these polystyrene pumpkins. We will be painting these during the week, Emily's favourite messy play activity is painting so I'm sure she will have such fun doing this. The other thing they sent us was a colour-in wooden door hangers. They are pre-printed with four different characters, skeleton, Dracula, a pumpkin and witch. I think we will be painting these too. While they do look like a brilliant activity, I do think they would be better suited to a older child but we are going to give them a go anyway.

I did originally plan to get Emily a few more books but they are yet to turn up. I found this spooky spells book in poundland, it is the perfect board book. It is very colourful and has lovely illustrations. Emily has really been enjoying this one, I have read it to her a few times, and she enjoys flicking through it by herself too. The other book I picked up is 'The scarecrows wedding' while this isn't a Halloween book, it is autumn themed and I know that she will really enjoy this one. I'm lucky that Emily is such a book worm and will sit through such a long book before bed.

The last few bits I got were sweet treats, of course a Halloween basket isn't complete without treats. I got her these cute little ghost and pumpkin chocolates they are on offer two for £1. I also got her some Wotsits, the zombie fingers are a flaming hot flavour which I was suprised to find out she really enjoyed the other day. I also got her a gingerbread biscuit covered in white chocolate, some Animal halloweenies biscuits, and a few ghost scary chocolate pieces.


  1. I really love this idea. I too am doing a Christmas Eve Box so doing something for Halloween seems fun. Might put a few baskets together for myself and Doug as well. lol. :-) xx

  2. I love this, it is such a lovely idea and way more fun than trick or treating! Staying in crafting, eating sweet treats and reading spooky books in the warm sounds like a way more fun way to spend Halloween!


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