Emily's 13 Month Update

Every month I sit down to write these updates, and I am amazed by how much Emily has learnt and all of the milestones she has hit. I honestly couldn't be more proud.

 Emily has now moved up a nappy size, she is in a 5+.
Emily is in between 9-12 months and 12-18 months clothing. 

Emily now has 8 teeth, she has 4 on the bottom and 4 on top, I think that she has a couple more on the way as she is dribbling like crazy and getting very grouchy. 

Emily will walk around and point to what she wants if it is out of reach, usually things that she is not aloud such as the phone, or remotes. If you don't acknowledge what she wants she says 'mama, mama' over and over again.

She has always been very vocal and her vocabulary just keeps growing at a rapid rate. She really surprised me and Sam the other day, I was in the kitchen cooking dinner, and she came wondering in, looked at me and said 'my dinner yeah'. I was stunned to silence. She can now say doggie, wow, shoes, aww, ball, sit, up, gone, please, instead of saying what is it, she says 'is it'. She also will say 'woo' for twirlywoo's, and 'fia' for sofia the first. Her favourite word is 'hiya', she happily say's 'hiya' to everyone she sees and gets quite upset if people don't reply to her.

Emily is obsessed with her babies, she has a wooden pushchair that she takes everywhere and she loves to give her babies kisses. She will also say 'aww' after every kiss. 

If I ask Emily for a item she will collect it for me, for example I said 'Emily where is the baby?' She walked straight up to the baby and get it for me. It always amazes me how much she understands, she also tries her best to copy what you are saying.

I am loving this age with Emily, she is getting really cuddly. She has never really been interested in cuddles, but now she will come up to you, and hug you. She will also pull the blanket off the foot stall, drag it to me, climb on the sofa and cuddle in. It is the cutest thing ever, and it literally melts my heart everytime. 

Nursery rhymes on YouTube are officially doing my head in. Emily is obsessed with the 'little baby bum' YouTube channel. She will dance along to the various different songs. Her favourite is 'if you are happy and you know it', and she will clap along. She also sings in her own little language.

Emily loves to play peek-a-boo, with anyone who is willing to play along. She covers her face as soon as you say 'where is Emily' and then uncovers it giggling.

Me and Sam have got to the stage where we need to put cupboard locks on the kitchen cupboard. She will disappear into the kitchen if the stair gate it open and pull everything out. She pulled out two egg cups and broke them (as they are ceramic), she also pulls crisps out of the cupboard in an attempt to eat them.

Her imaginative skills are really developing, she loves to play with her toot toot cars, and will push them along. She also enjoys playing with her tea set in her teepee, and will bring me the various wooden biscuits. Emily gets very frustrated if you don't take them or pretend to eat them.

Emily is getting very cheeky and trying to push boundaries. When you say no, she will stick her bottom lip out and grin, she then shakes her head but runs off to do it anyway. It doesn't matter what you say to her, she is full of replies. She will babble back to you.

She is a little bookworm, Emily is obsessed with her books, she will pick one up and bring it to me to read. She will also happily sit in her teepee and flick through the book herself turning the pages independently. 

Emily can now also say 'poo'. I think she is getting to the stage where we are considering potty training. She is aware that she has done a poo, when she has filled her nappy she comes to me or Sam and say's 'poo, poo'. When I reply 'have you done a poo?'. She giggles and goes to the unit where her nappies are stored.

You have to have eyes in the back of your head with Emily at the moment, she loves climbing, and will try and climb on everything she can. She tries to climb onto the back of the sofa, and she also climbs from the sofa onto the footstall. Honestly I have mini panic attacks when I watch her.

Emily had her 12 month jabs and she hated it. She screamed her little heart out and I felt so bad for her, she had two in one leg and one more in the other. She came down poorly and we had to give her calpol. She absolutely hates the stuff, we literally had to fight her to get her to take it. I feel so mean, but I know it'll make her feel better.

Emily will try to put her own shoes on, when she realises she can't do it, she will bring them to me, and say 'shoes'. She will also try her best to reach for the keys to indicate she wants to go out. 

Emily is getting really helpful when it comes to her clothing, she has been pulling the clothing she wants to wear out of her wardrobe for a while now. However she has now also started to put her own arms through her vests, and tops. If you tell her you are taking her top off for bath time, she will lift her arms up to help you.

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  1. Such a clever girly! It really does get more fun from now on, especially when they can have a conversation with you :) xx


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