Ella's Kitchen Toddler Snacks Review

As you may already know Emily is a big Ella's kitchen fan. It has always been my go to product when Emily refused everything else. At the start of our weaning journey she has the first tastes pouches, and now with her being 12 months, she is able to try a whole new range of stuff. Which believe me, she is really enjoying.
I really struggle to get fruit into Emily, she does like the taste, but the texture is the problem. She hates the texture of banana's, she will spit it out and then go for something else. That is why I absolutely love these smoothy pouches. The smoothy pouches come in a variety of different flavours, they are 100% organic fruit snack, and count as 1 of your 5 a day. They are perfect to use on the go, or to pop into a lunch box. Emily loves to eat them straight out the pouch if we are out, but I have found that when added to porridge, she absolutely loves it. They provide that tasty extra and porridge isn't so bland and boring anymore. The white one contains coconut milk, pineapple, bananas and apples. The orange one is a new tropical flavour, squshed mangoes, coconut milk, apple and banana. You can purchase the pouches individually for £0.79p or in a pack of four for £3.25. 

The oaty nibbly fingers were a firm favourite for Emily. She loved the independence of being able to hold the oat bar, and the fact they were strawberry and apples was even better as they are two of her favourite flavours. The snack bars are made with organic strawberries and apples. I like that they are individually wrapped, it makes it so much easier to pop one in your bag when your heading out. The oaty nibbly fingers come in a pack of 5 for £2.29.

The parsnip and poppy seed cracket bites come in a box of 4 individually wrapped packets. they are a light little snack which are made of multigrain ingredients. Emily loves tucking into these, and they are brilliant to keep in my bag for those moments where she needs a little snack to last her until mealtime. You can also buy the packets individually for £0.59p.

The oat and raisins cookies are delicious. I have tried one myself and they are yummy, they do remind me of the raisin shortcake biscuits you can get. I love the fact the packet is resealable, this means the product lasts for quite a while, and doesn't go stale. The cookies are made from oats, spelt, honey, butter and raisins.  Emily loves these, she usually has a couple with her milk before she goes for a nap. These are £1.79 for a packet. 

What is your child's favourite Ella kitchen product? I would love to hear. 

*I was sent these products for the purpose of the review, however all opinions are my own*

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  1. We love Ella's too! Noah's new favourite is the new Smooshy Snacks range. They contain a fruit and a veg! :)


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