Do You Have A Weanager?

Here is my Emily at about 7 months old.
Weaning is such a amazing stage, yes it is messy but it is so much fun. There is nothing better than watching your child taste food for the first time. We never stuck to a strict set way, we went with what felt right with us. Due to Emily's reflux we did wean early (you can find out more about that here), but that is what suited us, and what was best for her. It can be so overwhelming being a new parent and trying to find out what suits you. My advise to you is go with whatever feels natural to you, there is no right or wrong way. Enjoy it while it lasts because they soon turn into messy little monsters. 

When this email landed in my inbox I couldn't not share it, reading through the 10 'weanagers' signs made me think of little miss Emily. I bet a lot of my readers can relate to a lot of these too, So let me explain. Ella's Kitchen has pinpointed a significant period in a little one's life, of course there is the terrible twos, and testing teenagers. Now meet the 'weanagers', a new tribe of toddler, taking place during weaning (approximately 6-12 months old). But how do you know if you have a weanager? 

To help mums and dads recognise this all important stage in their little one’s development, Ella’s Kitchen has partnered with parenting expert, Sarah Ockwell-Smith, to identify ten sure-fire signs your child is a fully-fledged weanager:

1. Your baby won’t let you leave them, ever
2. Your baby ends up wearing more food than they eat
3. Your baby loves to empty stuff
4. Your baby puts EVERYTHING in their mouth
5. Your baby does a great impression of you
6. Your baby becomes a big fan of dropping things
7. Your baby will have a favourite food one week, then go off it the next
8. Your baby enjoys testing out their new pincer grip, even on you
9. Your baby starts spontaneously waving hello or goodbye
10. Your baby makes their mark on the house

Celebrating weanagers all over the country (there is currently about 350,000 in the UK), Ella’s Kitchen is launching a NEW fly on the wall documentary series, ‘Britain’s Weanagers’. Exploring the exciting and, at times, hilarious weaning journeys of babies, the series stars four families who have all featured in the popular Channel 4 TV programme, One Born Every Minute. The docuseries will be hosted on Ella’s Kitchen’s YouTube Weaning Channel, which launched earlier this year. To view the first episode, which launched on 14 October 2015, search ‘Ella’s Kitchen weaning’ on YouTube.

Now I don't know about you, but nearly all of those ten points made me think of the struggles I had with Emily, I would definitely check out the video! 

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