Autumn Bucket List

I love autumn and it seems like it is one of the most popular times of the year. There is nothing better than cuddling up on the sofa with blankets, snuggly jumpers, wellies, and winter boots. I have put together a little bucket list of things that we are hoping to do, and of course we are going to blog or vlog about it. 
Autumn crafts
I can't wait to paint, and create different art activities with Emily. I hope to do some leaf pictures with her too. 
Kicking leaves
There is nothing better than the sound of crunching leaves beneith your feet, I can't wait to take Emily out in her wellies and stomp through the piles of leaves. 
Splash in puddles
Emily loves to create a mess, so I know she will really enjoy splashing in puddles now we have finally found a pair of wellies that fit! 
Bake a crumble
Who doesn't love apple crumble?
Enjoy a firework display
I'm actually scared of fireworks, but fear is something I don't want Emily to get from me. So this year we are going to take her to a firework display.
Enjoy a walk in the woods
Exploring the woods is always good fun.
Drink hot chocolate
There is nothing better than hot chocolate on a chilly evening. Emily is yet to try hot chocolate, but I can't wait to give her a tiny amount. 
Bake a pie
I have been wanting to challenge myself to make a chicken pie for ages, with it being on my bucket list, I now have to do it! 
Cosy day in 
There is nothing better than snuggling on the sofa with Sam and Emily watching a good film, Emily is getting to that age where she wants to sit and cuddle which is really nice. 
Autumn play dough
I prefer making playdough, and Emily has just started to enjoy playing with it, so I can't wait to make some fun autumn scent playdough for her. 

Halloween Crafts
Emily was to small to enjoy Halloween last year, although she is too young to go 'trick or treating' I intend to do lots of fun activities with her, such as painting, and various other things. 
Bake halloween cupcakes
We love cupcakes in our house, and there is nothing better than that gorgeous smell drifting through the house as you bake. 
Visit a pumpkin patch
There is a pick your own pumpkin patch near us, I am hoping that they're will be pumpkins left by the time we get to go. 
Choose pumpkins and carve them
I can't wait for Emily to pick her own pumpkin, and hopefully she'll have some sort of input in carving it, even if that means just pulling the insides out.

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