Emily's 12 Month Update

Wow, that feels weird actually typing 'Emily's 12 month update'. Everytime I think of her being one, it blows my mind, it honestly feels like we brought her home yesterday. How I wish I could have a little longer with my squidgy newborn! I am so proud of how much she has learnt, she is like a little sponge, and way to clever for her age. 

Emily is still in size 5 nappies, she is also in a mixture of 6-9 and 9-12 clothes. She got quite a lot of clothing for her birthday, but it is all in bigger sizes. So I hoping that she has a growth spurt and fits into the new stuff, because her stuff is starting to look a little worn out now. 

She has 3 new teeth, she has 3 on the top, and four on the bottom now. She has been teething and dribbling like crazy. 

Emily has always been quite a vocal baby, and her vocabulary is growing at a rapid rate. You have to be really careful what words you say around her now as she copys everything. Me and Sam were having a discusion about what to have for tea, Sam said 'burgers, and Emily copied him. We didn't think she was listening as she was playing with her cars but clear as day she said burger and then started giggling. Some of her new words are, Grandad (she pronounces it as Randad), Minnie, Oh dear, uh-oh, hiya, baby, car, yeah, and her favourite is 'Whats that'. Whenever my phone rings she runs up to me and shouts who's that, and then its followed with a hiya dadad. 

If you ask Emily for a kiss she will happily give you one. She also gives you cuddles when you ask now. I have to admit it is the best feeling ever, knowing that she is giving you a cuddle because she wants to not because your making her. 

Emily picks a book, and sits in her teepee turning the pages herself. 

She loves to dance, she will shake her bum and wiggle along to almost any music. This means I'm that mum standing in a supermarket trying to get there child to walk, instead she stands in the most awkward places wiggling away. It is super cute though! 

Emily loves to brush her teeth, because it is part of our routine now, as soon as she has finished her breakfast she runs to the bathroom. Stands at the sink pointing at her tooth brush and shouting 'mama'.

Emily has become very divaish when it comes to getting dressed. She will not wear something she doesn't like. She refuses to put her arms up, and shakes her head firmly. I have now lost all control of picking her clothing, she points to what she wants in her wardrobe. Very independent already. She will also help you get dressed, she lifts her arms up to put them into the holes of her tshirt, making it so much easier to get her dressed. She also lays down when you ask to change her nappy too. 

If I tell Emily we are going out, she goes to find her shoes, and then sits on the floor. She puts her toes into her shoes, then sits there wiggling her toes. I don't think it will be too long until she figures out how to get her shoe on properly. 

Emily is in her second pair of clarks, she is a 3G. She is confidently running aswell now, so this means we will be purchasing reins pretty soon. She no longer wants to be in her pushchair, and as soon as you let her walk she is running off somewhere. I know not everyone agrees with reins, but I would rather her be near me and safe than her running away into roads or something. 

Emily is getting really interested in imaginative play, she will happily play with her baby, and pushchair. She puts the baby in, and covers her over with a blanket just like I do to her. She then say's 'go' and starts walking away.

A massive milestone is Emily is on whole cows milk (blue top) all of the time now. I tried to give her a mixture of whole milk and formula just to get her used to it, but she won't have any of it. If I give her formula she throws it on the floor, and firmly tells me no. (More on this in the weaning update to follow)

Emily also can use her spoon confidently. She has been having cheerios for breakfast, and likes to feed herself using the spoon. It is so cute, but its just another thing that she doesn't need me for. 

She is obsessed with climbing. I honestly can't take my eyes off her for a second. I went into the kitchen to get Emily's lunch. When I returned she was sitting on the sofa, giggling at me and looking very proud. She always pulls herself up now to sit with mama and daddy.

I am thinking of making Emily's cot into a cotbed. She is starting to climb now, and I'm worried that she is going to attempt to climb out resulting in her hurting herself. I'm not to sure at the moment though.

Emily loves Minnie mouse, she watches Mickey Mouses clubhouse, and Sofia the first. They have become her favourites recently, but she still loves In The Night Garden and watches that before bed, on the cbeebies bedtime hour. 

I feel like I could keep typing forever but I'm going to leave it there.


  1. Wow so much has gone on. Bless her such a proper little girl. X

  2. Wow so much has gone on. Bless her such a proper little girl. X


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