Weaning Update | 12 months

I feel like I haven't done a weaning update in ages, so here I am back with another. It is amazing how independant Emily is for a one year old, she loves to feed herself with her spoon and sometimes her folk. We did a combination of spoon feeding and BLW with Emily, which worked best for us, and It has really helped Emily. I give her dinner on a plate and we sit down together as a family to eat. She independantly feeds herself using her hands, or sometimes her spoon. She loves to try and copy either me or her daddy when we are using our cutlery. If I try to spoon feed her now she will not let me, she pushes the spoon away and gets extremely frustrated and upset.
Emily has always been such a good eater, and her appetite never really changes. She will eat anything you give her and loves to try new food. Since her first birthday Emily has been on cows milk completely. If I try to give her formula, she puts it down on the floor and crys. She really dislikes the taste of it now that she has had cows milk. This doesn't bother me because she has never been a big milk drinker anyway. She used to drink 4 6oz bottles of formula in a day. However now she only has two bottles a day. She has a 6oz bottle at nap time (around 1-2), and then she has another 6oz bottle at bedtime (around 8pm). Emily also has milk with her cheerios in the morning. 

Emily absolutely loves water, she will have juice as a treat but she prefers to have water. Unfortunately Emily will only drink out of a bottle, she still has the slow flow first teat. I have tried several different beakers, which don't seem to work with her. I have also tried to change the flow of her teat, but this just sets of her reflux. So I am happy to stick to what she has. I don't think that she will actually have a beaker, she can drink out of a normal cup with a little assistance which I think is brilliant. I love the fact Emily will go and get her bottle when she is thirsty. I leave it on a little table at her height during the day so she is able to help herself. She can confidently lift the bottle up and give it to herself. Gone are the days where we have to help her, she hasn't needed assistance with her bottle for a good couple of months now. 

If Emily is full she will pick her plate up and move it to the side. If I try to persist and give her a little more, she will say 'no mama' and shake her head. It amazes me at how independent my little girl is. She is definitely going to be strong willed. 

Emily has become a lot more confident with her food recently, there is certain textured foods that she will not eat. For example she doesn't like banana's anymore. They used to be her favourite food, but now she doesn't like the slimy texture. However shes does eat banana flavoured things. I keep persisting and always offer her it with hope that she will change her mind in the future and try it again. 

Here is a list of Emily's favourite foods:
Yorkshire pudding
Mash potato
Scrambled or dippy egg
Smoked sausage
Cheddar cheese

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