Cbeebies Land at Alton Towers

Emily is a big Cbeebies fan, she will happily watch the programs all day long if she was given the chance. Her firm favourite is Iggle Piggle from In The Night Garden. When I saw that Alton towers has Cbeebies land I knew that I wanted to take her. I thought it would definitely be somewhere that she would enjoy. I myself have never been to Alton towers, so I didn't really know what to expect. We decided to go on a Sunday, the week before her birthday as a early birthday treat, and we took along Emily's Nan and Grandad. I think I was more excited than her, obviously she didn't understand where we were going and there is no way to explain to a 1 year old where we were headed. I love days out as a family, seeing Emily's face light up with excitement was the thing I was looking forward to the most, and she didn't let me down. 

As soon as she saw the yellow 'beebies' (as she calls them) she was full of giggles and smiles. Cbeebies land is situated right near the entrance to the park, it is very easy to spot. I personally was completely suprised with Alton Towers, it looks absolutely beautiful, it is one of the prettiest places I have seen. I loved the look of the gardens, and the castle and would have loved to have walked through them but after paying £50 to get in I didn't want to waste anytime walking through the gardens, as lovely as they may have been. I do personally think that it is a little pricey, especially when your not using the whole park. Don't be disheartened though there is lots of 241 vouchers floating around.

Anyway back to the park. As soon as we walked into Cbeebies land Emily spotted Mr Tumbles sensory garden and pulled us straight over there. The sensory garden is a little small in my opinion. It is a lovely place to sit and relax but I do think there could be more to do in the garden for the little ones. Emily absolutely loved the different mirrors, and spent a good five minutes giggling to herself in the mirror. 

There aren't actually that many rides - Postman Pat, In the Night Garden, Num tums go round, and tree top adventure, are the rides. The other things are more experiences and sadly Emily wasn't big enough to do a lot of them. We went onto the tree top adventure which said it was a 15 minute wait, that doesn't sound like too long, but Emily wasn't happy about waiting. She got bored very quickly and I think next time I will definitely take my ipad into the queue with us. They have tried to make queing for rides as easy and enjoyable as possible, as you go round there is games and activities along the way. I did think this was a really good idea, but they're wasn't enough games. There was massive gaps left in the queue because the children didn't want to move up, and there was also little arguments between children because they didn't want to share. Emily really enjoyed the Tree Top Adventure ride, it was a little ride around the top of Cbeebies land, you are able to spot the different rides that are scattered around Cbeebies land and Emily thought it was brilliant.

We then went onto the In the Night Garden ride, which was the one we were looking forward to the most. As you may know Emily is a massive Upsy Daisy fan so we knew that she would really enjoy this one. It was a boat ride around the garden. You saw all of the different characters and the little characters songs play as you go around which I thought was a nice touch. Emily wasn't so keen on the movement of the boat, but as soon as we distracted her by pointing out the characters she seemed to come around. I was a little sad to see that the ride wasn't looked after a little better. Poor Upsy Daisy's dress was stuck up, and the tombliboo's didn't pop up out of there house, you could only see there hair, it was as if they were stuck. I'm sure these are just wear and tear things that are fixable. 

We took our own picnic with us, and ended up sitting in the big fun show time tent, this has set shows throughout the day, and help under a large canopy. The shows feature different well know characters, Mike the Knight, The ZingZillas, and Nina and the neurons. I did find Nina to be a little bit of a weird choice, I would have personally musical shows such as Alphablocks, or The Lingo Show, which have some great songs and are both educational. While we were eating our lunch The ZingZilla show started, I have to say it was bad timing. While it was a ok show, Emily was a little scared of the ZingZilla's and it was far too loud, you could barely hear the song over the music. There is a opportunity to meet and greet characters in the tents, such as Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy, which Emily would have loved, but I didn't realize you could do this until we had left. There is always next time.

Just before we left Emily had a ride on the Postman pat ride, as much as she enjoyed it she was sadly too small. She couldn't reach the steering wheel, and by this point she was just tired and bored. Hopefully when we go back again she will enjoy it more. I'm definitely going to wait until she is older as I do feel like it is a waste of money. I would love to see more rides, I thought there would be some teacups or something along them lines. Sadly there isn't it is mainly 'pop up and play' exhibits, and with Emily being 1, she was far to small to enjoy these. Emily would have loved to go into Justin's house, as she enjoys watching the program, but she was too little. 

Overall we did have a absolutely lovely day, and Emily got some Upsy Daisy pyjama's from the shop, which she loves. I would definitely recommend giving Cbeebies land a visit, but I would wait until Emily is 2 or 3 before we return. 

*I wasn't paid for this post, I just wanted to share our experience with you*

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