Autumn Crafts With Baker Ross

We are back with more Baker Ross craft goodies, we are lucky enough to be part of the Baker Ross network and we get sent a box of craft goodies every now and then. When I opened this box, I loved the look of the Ceramic hedgehogs. I think they would make brilliant Christmas gifts for grandparents, or even just something nice to treasure. I didn't think that they would be the ideal craft for Emily, however as usual she really surprised me. 

We were sent a pack of 4 ceramic tealight holder hedgehogs, and some pebeo porcelain paint to carry out our craft activity. The paint comes in a pack of 6, containing the colours Ivory, Black, Scarlet Red, Lemon, Lapis Blue, and Olivine Green. The brilliant thing about this paint is you don't have to worry about it washing off, you simply leave the paint to dry out for 24 hours, and then pop it in the over for 35 minutes at 150°C. 

We used hardly any of the paint painting the hedgehogs, although we did have a little incident which ended up with Emily dropping the Ivory paint pot on the floor and me loosing half of the paint. That aside we do have plenty of paint left for other projects, which I am really looking forward to doing. 

This is the first time Emily has actually painted a porcelain/pottery type thing, and she really enjoyed it. She loved being able to hold onto the tealight while she painted it. I was expecting a lot more mess than she actual created, she was so interested in the activity that she didn't paint anything else apart from the hedgehog. She really enjoyed trying to push the paintbrush through the little holes too. I'm so proud of her, she sat for a good 45 minutes painting the hedgehogs. She took her time and concentrated better than I ever thought she would. The original plan was to give one to her grandparents, but I just can't give them away. They are so cute and special that I have to keep them for myself. 

Sadly Emily was already in bed before she got to see these little tealight holders with the tealights inside, so I can't wait to see her little face tomorrow. I'm so happy with how they turned out. They look very autumnal but have that special meaning to them aswell. The pack of 4 tealight candle holders are only £4.40 which I was so surprised at. They are really reasonably priced, I think that it is definitely worth getting these, they are such a cute little seasonal activity. 

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.*

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