Weaning Update | 12 months

I feel like I haven't done a weaning update in ages, so here I am back with another. It is amazing how independant Emily is for a one year old, she loves to feed herself with her spoon and sometimes her folk. We did a combination of spoon feeding and BLW with Emily, which worked best for us, and It has really helped Emily. I give her dinner on a plate and we sit down together as a family to eat. She independantly feeds herself using her hands, or sometimes her spoon. She loves to try and copy either me or her daddy when we are using our cutlery. If I try to spoon feed her now she will not let me, she pushes the spoon away and gets extremely frustrated and upset.

Anxiety & Vlogging

For a while I have wanted to vlog, I personally think that it is such a lovely way to capture memories. I do love blogging and writing down my memories, but sometimes it is nice to have a visual memory too. However anxiety has always held me back, again another thing that anxiety has been having control of. The thing is when this happens, I wallow for a while, then get cross with myself, and then the whole process starts again. I have suffered with anxiety for such a long time, so you would think I would be used to it, but it is something that really bothers me. I hate not having the confidence to just go yeah whatever I'm going to do it. I hate being defeated, and feeling vulnerable

Mead Open Farm

We wanted to take Emily out for the day for her birthday, at first I thought the Zoo would be the place we ended up, but as much as I love it, I thought Emily would end up getting frustrated. She loves to explore and touches everything she see's, so I knew that she would be frustrated if she couldn't touch the animals. We decided that we would go to Mead Open Farm instead, and I am so glad we did. Emily was in her element, she got to touch and feed the animals and had such a great day. 

Autumn Crafts With Baker Ross

We are back with more Baker Ross craft goodies, we are lucky enough to be part of the Baker Ross network and we get sent a box of craft goodies every now and then. When I opened this box, I loved the look of the Ceramic hedgehogs. I think they would make brilliant Christmas gifts for grandparents, or even just something nice to treasure. I didn't think that they would be the ideal craft for Emily, however as usual she really surprised me. 

Emily's 12 Month Update

Wow, that feels weird actually typing 'Emily's 12 month update'. Everytime I think of her being one, it blows my mind, it honestly feels like we brought her home yesterday. How I wish I could have a little longer with my squidgy newborn! I am so proud of how much she has learnt, she is like a little sponge, and way to clever for her age. 

Emily is still in size 5 nappies, she is also in a mixture of 6-9 and 9-12 clothes. She got quite a lot of clothing for her birthday, but it is all in bigger sizes. So I hoping that she has a growth spurt and fits into the new stuff, because her stuff is starting to look a little worn out now. 

She has 3 new teeth, she has 3 on the top, and four on the bottom now. She has been teething and dribbling like crazy. 

Cbeebies Land at Alton Towers

Emily is a big Cbeebies fan, she will happily watch the programs all day long if she was given the chance. Her firm favourite is Iggle Piggle from In The Night Garden. When I saw that Alton towers has Cbeebies land I knew that I wanted to take her. I thought it would definitely be somewhere that she would enjoy. I myself have never been to Alton towers, so I didn't really know what to expect. We decided to go on a Sunday, the week before her birthday as a early birthday treat, and we took along Emily's Nan and Grandad. I think I was more excited than her, obviously she didn't understand where we were going and there is no way to explain to a 1 year old where we were headed. I love days out as a family, seeing Emily's face light up with excitement was the thing I was looking forward to the most, and she didn't let me down. 

As soon as she saw the yellow 'beebies' (as she calls them) she was full of giggles and smiles. Cbeebies land is situated right near the entrance to the park, it is very easy to spot. I personally was completely suprised with Alton Towers, it looks absolutely beautiful, it is one of the prettiest places I have seen. I loved the look of the gardens, and the castle and would have loved to have walked through them but after paying £50 to get in I didn't want to waste anytime walking through the gardens, as lovely as they may have been. I do personally think that it is a little pricey, especially when your not using the whole park. Don't be disheartened though there is lots of 241 vouchers floating around.

MAM Bob the Turtle Teether

The popular baby products company MAM have just launched a range of three teethers which are aimed at different ages. The three friends are, Lucy the snail, Max the Frog, and and Bob the turtle. Lucy is suitable from just 2 months, Max 4 months, and Bob 5 months. The teethers are 100% safe for babies and completely BPA free. They are all made from natural latex, the rubber is harvested from hevea trees in Thailand and then taken to a local production site where it is hand crafted into the MAM friends. Each MAM friend is individual and unique in both colour and size. A CSR award for outstanding working conditions has been given to MAM so the products are good for everyone, both babies and manufactures. 

Rugby Crafts With Baker Ross

I always look forward to our Baker Ross parcel, it is always full of different arts and crafts activities which I enjoy just as much as Emily does. With the Rugby world cup starting on the 18th September, of course there was going to be some sort of Rugby themed activity. Baker Ross came up with a some fantastic little fun craft sets which will keep the little ones entertained during the rugby, or even just something to get them interested in sport.

Happy 1st Birthday Emily!

Dearest Emily,

Emily's Cake Smash

For Emily's first birthday, we decided to get a cake smash photoshoot. I spent ages looking for a photographer who I trusted to do it. I guess I am a pretty sentimental person. I want to capture every moment of her growing up, simply because I really don't want to miss anything. The idea of a cake smash sounded so appealing, Emily loves to make a mess so it wouldn't be a problem, right? Oh how wrong I was, she ate the icing, and that was pretty much it. She was not interested in smashing the cake, or even eating it. She was trying to crawl away most of the time, but the few moments she was interested were captured beautifully. I am super happy with how the photographs turned out. 

PND & Being a stay at home mum

I recently got asked by a co-worker if I would be returning to work, my maternity leave finished in June, although I never actually received any maternity pay from my work place due to the fact I was so sick during pregnancy and got signed of work. The truth is, as much as I would love to return to work and the extra money would come in useful. I'm just not ready. I told her this and was faced with the 'you will never feel ready to go back to work. I'm glad I went back to work *** has come on lovely now he is at nursery, he loves it and mixing with other babies'. I took it on the chin, and said it isn't about Emily, because technically it isn't. As much as the money would be nice and all of those things, I'm not ready to be away from her, I'm not ready emotionally or mentally. Heck I'm still having medical problems as a result of a difficult labour.

What Emily Wore #23

Another week, another diva moment, Emily doesn't like long tops or dresses. I've come to the conclusion after the tantrum today, it is just not worth trying to get her to wear them. Which is a shame as she has about 8-9 pretty long tops in her wardrobe which are just going to go to waste now. Emily used to have issues with long tops and dresses getting caught when she crawled, but now she is walking this isn't a problem. However she still hates them, and try's to pull the top off. This lovely outfit lasted all of 20 minutes, before we ended up with a Minnie mouse top, and leggings. As soon as I opened Emily's wardrobe door she pointed to the Minnie mouse top and repeatedly said 'innie, innie'. She hasn't quite mastered the M sound in her words yet. It is the cutest thing ever. I guess I am going to have a strong minded little girl. 

Emily's Birthday Wish List

I can't believe I just wrote that title, My baby is going to be one in just under two weeks. I feel like I have blinked and this whole year has flew by faster than I can keep up. Emily is quite a easy to please person, she is very independent, and quite happy to take herself off and play by herself with whatever bits and bobs she can find. So I have put together a few things for Emily's wishlist. No doubt she will get most of it as we have such a large family. 

Emily is very girly, anything pink and she absolutely loves it. I fell in love with this floral teepee a while back, and knew Emily would absolutely love it, especially as she loves playing in tents and dens already. Her bedroom has floral accessories so I knew that this would look perfect in there. The tea set and little wooden cake accessories are all to go with the teepee. There is nothing more fun having tea party, Whenever we have been to soft play, or baby groups Emily goes straight for the pretend food.

My Slimming World Journey | Week 5

Today at group, my consultant was asking what made us decide we needed to change, and loose weight. For me it was this picture. This was mothers day, Emily is 5 months old here, so there is still some baby weight. However everytime I look at it, I'm so unhappy with how I look, it makes me sick to my stomach to see me that big. That was the day that I decided to change, that I would loose weight and be happier. I would love to know what made you decide to loose weight.
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