Mummy & Me - July

This month I have really enjoyed spending time with Emily. Watching her develop her own little personality and become more of a independent little girl. She is loving her cuddles, but she is getting more of a attitude as the days go buy. About a month ago she learnt the word 'no' and we both know about it. She really enjoys to tell us 'no'. If she doesn't like something that we have made for her she will firmly tell us no. 

Emily has grown up so much so fast. I have a little walker now, I turned around and she walked from one side of the room to the other. Since then she hasn't stopped walking, its starting to turn into a little run. I was always worried that I wouldn't have a very good relationship with Emily. It was one of my biggest worries when I was pregnant. I shouldn't have worried at all though. She is my best friend, and little shadow. Now that she is walking she is following me everywhere, and I love it. I'm literally so proud of her, she is only ten months and shes walking. I was literally in a state of shock. She has always been more advanced than her age, and she just keeps going. Just look how grown up she looks in those gorgeous little skinny jeans, and polo shirt.

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