Emily's 11 Month update

I cannot believe my little munchkin is 11 months old, that is right, nearly one! I'm honestly in shock that this little lady has been in my life for nearly a whole year. She has completely changed my life for the better, and I wouldn't change a moment of it.

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I haven't got Emily weighed in months, but I am not concerned about her weight one bit. She is such a good eater, and will happily eat anything you give her. So I have no concerns. She is due for her 9-12 month review on the 21st so I'm sure they will weigh her then.

Emily's eyes are still bright blue, I thought that they would have changed by now but obviously I was wrong and she is going to keep daddy's eyes. 

Her hair is starting to change colour, I was sure that she was going from blonde to ginger which is my natural hair colour. Apparently not though, her hair is going more of a mousy brown colour. 

Emily is now confidently walking with no help, she took her first steps just after she turned 10 months, and has been walking unaided since she was 10 months and 2 weeks. I thought at this age she would still be slightly wobbly, but apparently not. She walks around in circles, and when we are out she hates to be in her pushchair. She just wants to walk everywhere. I think it is time we invest in some reins. 

Emily now has 6 teeth, two bottom, and four at the top. Two of which are just starting to appear.

She loves to stick her tongue out. Especially if she is doing something that she isn't supposed to and gets caught or told no.

My little chatterbox is learning new words all the time, we literally have to be so careful of what we say around her now. She can say gone, Nan, car, bus, more, ta, duck, and no.

Emily loves to go and find objects and bring them to you, for example if you say 'where is the ball Emily?' she will go and find it and bring it too you. Its the sweetest thing.

She is still having just the one nap during the day but I am not sure that is going to last for much longer, she absolutely hates going down for nap, and sits in her cot playing for a good 30 minutes before giving in. 

Emily will now give herself her bottles, she no longer wants mummy and daddy's help.

Emily is developing quite the cheeky little attitude, she says no to everything. If she is playing and wants you to join in she will soon let you know it. I was laying on the floor writing in my notebook and Emily come up to me pulled it away. I said 'Emily give me that back? she looked at me and said 'no mumma, gone'. I just burst into laughter, it was so cute!

She only has her dummy at bed time or nap time. If you ask her for it, she takes it out of her mouth and gives it to you straight away which I am really pleased about, I'm thinking of taking it away from her all together, she doesn't really seem that bothered when she hasn't got it.

Emily will now give you a cuddle, if you ask her for a 'love' she will rest her head on your shoulder and cuddle into you while saying 'awww'. It melts my heart every time, and it is nice that she refers to it as a love, that is what my Grandad used to call it when I was small so it is nice that we have carried it on even though he is no longer with us. 

she loves her bedroom, she often ventures off into her bedroom by herself and plays with her soft toys and books. This is such a big step for her and makes me very proud. She used to absolutely hate her bedroom and scream if you tried to take her in there.

Emily loves to dance, if a song comes on she happily watches the television or where ever it may be coming from and gives her bum a good wiggle. 

Emily loves nursery rhymes, he favourite being the wheels on the bus. She has started to learn the actions to this too, which is adorable.

I never really know if I have remembered everything when I write these posts, or when to stop writting them. I think I have covered everything though, so until next month. 

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