Ella's Kitchen First Foods Book Review

I absolutely love cooking, I'm happy to cook all day long, and if I'm in a bad mood I like to bake. Nothing better than making cupcakes to make you feel better right? Since I had Emily I have maintained cooking, and we rarely used jars of food or pouches, but there is only so many times you can make the same meal right? I needed some inspiration to cook Emily some meals that she hadn't tried before. I don't want her to be a fussy child, I know I have no control over that but I am hoping by making her try a variety of food it will reduce how fussy she is in the future. We were recently sent the Ella's kitchen 'First foods' recipe book. I have to say I am loving the variety of recipes that it contains. 

'Packed with 130 yummy recipes for weaning right up to the big table, there's everything you need to know to help your little one on their tiny taste bud adventure!'

What Emily Wore #22

Well, well, well. I haven't wrote a baby fashion post in ages. I have to say I really do miss them! I love nothing more than picking out Emily's outfits, although she seems to be getting more and more picky. We went to get her some new shoes last weekend. She has been walking for about 4 weeks now, so the pre-walkers were out and we needed big girl clarks walkers. eek! I fell in love with some gorgeous pink doodles. They seemed perfect for Emily, and I desperately wanted them. Her feet are now a size 3G, they didn't have the pink ones in Emily's size but they did have navy. The navy were lovely, so I tried them on her and I didn't mind the fact they weren't pink. Emily on the other hand had a issue with it. She kept pointing at the pink version of the doodles, shouting 'shoes shoes'. Clearly she didn't want the navy. 3 stores later I tracked down a pair in the right size, so my little diva now has the pink ones! 

Funky Giraffe Review & Giveaway

One thing that I have always found essential for babies are bibs. When Emily was born, we had a whole selection of different bibs to try out, plastic backed bibs, cloth ones, and even the messy bibs that you put your childs arms through. However my favourite have always been bandanna bibs, I love the various different designs you can get, and they are also the perfect thing to accessories a outfit. We (well Emily) were recently offered the opportunity to review a selection of dribble bibs from Funky Giraffe and I jumped at the chance. They have so many really pretty designs to pick from, but I love the fact that they do plain block colours as well as patterns. 

My Slimming World Journey | Week 4

Ugh, yeah that is how I feel this week. I had a bad week and gained 3lbs. It is completely my own fault though, I strayed away from plan, and my depression slump just left me feeling exhausted. I literally couldn't be bothered to cook, I had a takeaway. It didn't help that I was craving sweet things all week due to it being my time of the month. To much information I know. I'm drawing a line under this week, and moving on. There is absolutely no point in me dwelling on it or feeling down about it, the best thing to do is start fresh. Anyway this week I have another yummy recipe for you. 

Who do you trust your children with?

When I was pregnant it became apparent that my parents thought I should leave Emily with them every other weekend to stay over night. I was so shocked by this, why would I do that? I brought my child into this world, and I wouldn't have done so if I planned on palming her off on other people. If me and Sam were separated, he would have her one weekend and I another because that is the way it works right? So why is it because we are a couple that Grandparents think they can have her every other weekend? Now don't get me wrong, when Emily is older and of a age where she understands sleepovers, that may change, but from newborn? For me this was a big no. I didn't want her to stay away from me, what if she needed me? 

I understand that not everyone is the same and it completely depends on the parents and the parenting style. Some parents have a handful of people that they would trust to look after there child. Others have a select few. I personally can't do it. Emily is one next month and I haven't left her side. Some may say this is unhealthy and it will make her a clingy child but I disagree. I feel a lot more comfortable and a lot less anxious when I am in control, when she is with me and I know what she is up to. As Emily's parent I believe that is my responsibility. Choosing who I would want and trust to leave my baby with doesn't come easy, and as I am sure you will guess I haven't found a person who I would leave her with.

My Slimming World Journey | Week 3

Hello lovelies! Weigh in day was yesterday and I am happy too say that I lost another 2lbs. I honestly thought this week would be a gain. I have had a absolutely terrible week, I have felt down in the dumps. Like a broken record, I am sure you all know that I suffer from depression and anxiety well this weekend it all just got on top of me. It started on Thursday, I woke up and felt so down. I don't know what caused it, sometimes these things just happen I guess and it really did impact everything. I didn't want to get out of bed, I laid in bed at 8am, Emily was still snoozing and cried. I had no reason to cry, I just needed to and thought once I cried I would feel better. Sadly that wasn't the case. It lasted all weekend. I cried at everything and anything. I felt poorly, I had headaches, I felt sick whenever I ate, I was snappy at Sam. I managed to hold it together when Emily was awake but as soon as she went to bed so did I. I came off plan completely, I just couldn't be bothered to think about what meals we were having, I just cooked whatever was there. I ate a little bit too much junk food and wallowed. I woke up Monday and it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I have no idea what caused the little slump but I am so glad it is over and I am back on plan. 

I have tried some yummy recipes this week, I made a BBQ chicken and bacon pasta bake, which I have to admit is my favourite thing I have ever made (recipe below). Another favourite this week was  chicken and pasta salad. I went off salad for such a long time, but I really enjoyed it so I have put it back on the meal plan list for this week as a lunch. I would love to hear about your slimming world journey, feel free to leave me your links below.

Emily's 11 Month update

I cannot believe my little munchkin is 11 months old, that is right, nearly one! I'm honestly in shock that this little lady has been in my life for nearly a whole year. She has completely changed my life for the better, and I wouldn't change a moment of it.

You can follow us on Instagram to watch her grow.

House tour: Our Lounge

One of the things I was most excited about when I moved into our first flat was making it our own. I never really had a place I could call home, somewhere that was my own, and somewhere I could do whatever I liked to the decor and get away with it. When we moved in I was in a lot of pain, still recovering from a difficult labour and Emily was just shy of a month old, there is nothing like doing it all at once right? The one thing that I really do love about my flat is we have tons of space. I am not one for clutter, I like everything to have a home. I can deal with 'Emily mess', by this I mean the scattered toys, and finding balls and shapes under the throws on the sofa where she has hidden them. That doesn't bother me, I love to watch her play and make a mess, your only a child once and this is just as much her home as it is ours. With that in mind I wanted to keep as much space open for her as possible. 

My Slimming World Journey | Week 2

Well this weeks weigh in wasn't as good as last weeks, I'm sorry I am late at uploding I haven't really been in the right mind set to blog but that is for another post and another story.  I have really been enjoying trying different foods, and adjusting my diet to include healthier meals. Although I do miss my cheesy pasta bake like crazy! This week wasn't a very good one in my opinion. I only lost 1.5lbs, but that is better than maintaining and even better than a gain. That means a total of 7lbs has been lost already. High five. I can do this right. I also recieved my 1/2 stone award which I am absolutely thrilled about.

What Emily Wore #21

This week has been such a busy one, its been so hard to snap a picture of Emily. She has become the little wriggler lately. She will not stay still for more than 5 minutes, and getting a smile is painfully hard! She would rather stick her tongue out. She is also walking too now, So she doesn't stay still long enough to get a good snap of her. 

Dress and matching cardigan: Tesco
I love the colours of this dress, it was a gift from Emily's uncle when she was born and it has been sitting in her wardrobe for so long it is nice to finally see her wearing it. I love that it comes with a matching cardgain, it has gorgeous little flowers on it that match the dress which I think is a lovely touch.

My Slimming World Journey | Week 1

As you may know if you read my previous post, I've joined slimming world, and I intend to blog about my weight loss journey. If I blog about it I can't quit right? I joined last Tuesday making this my first weigh in on plan, I'm going to count it as week one. I think it went really well to be honest, just going to the meeting is a big achievement for me, It is full of people that I don't know. I don't like social situations but it's something I want to improve, for myself but also for Emily. Having a child really changes the way you see the world, I want her to grow up to be strong, independent and confident. I'm not confident, I shy away from everyone, and everything. In order for her to be confident I need to start being more confident and to do that I need to be more comfortable in my own skin. I'm not happy with the way I look and I hope to loose some weight. 

I have never liked the way I look, whenever I look into the mirror my reflection saddens me. I shouldn't be ashamed of what I look like, but I am. I've always been a big busted girl, which people think is brilliant and often comment on how lucky I am. It's not lucky though, do you know how frustrating it is to have to buy tops two sizes up just so they go over your bust, having a body that looks so out of proportion. The backache that you get from having them. Urgh I would swap in a heartbeat. To go from a G to a D would be nice. However that isn't going to happen so I intend to change the rest of me. Get to a weight that I am happy with. So my weigh in is on a Tuesday, So I will be posting these blog posts on a Wednesday from now on.

Mummy & Me - July

This month I have really enjoyed spending time with Emily. Watching her develop her own little personality and become more of a independent little girl. She is loving her cuddles, but she is getting more of a attitude as the days go buy. About a month ago she learnt the word 'no' and we both know about it. She really enjoys to tell us 'no'. If she doesn't like something that we have made for her she will firmly tell us no. 

Emily has grown up so much so fast. I have a little walker now, I turned around and she walked from one side of the room to the other. Since then she hasn't stopped walking, its starting to turn into a little run. I was always worried that I wouldn't have a very good relationship with Emily. It was one of my biggest worries when I was pregnant. I shouldn't have worried at all though. She is my best friend, and little shadow. Now that she is walking she is following me everywhere, and I love it. I'm literally so proud of her, she is only ten months and shes walking. I was literally in a state of shock. She has always been more advanced than her age, and she just keeps going. Just look how grown up she looks in those gorgeous little skinny jeans, and polo shirt.

Anxiety Struggles & Joining Slimming World

Hello, So I feel like I have been slightly neglecting my blog, and the truth is I have. While there is a long list of 'reasons' why I haven't been blogging, but I have just not been in the right mind set. Lately I have been feeling really down, I know these fazes (there what I tend to call them) come and go. I have been noticing that they are happening more and more. I'm not happy. I feel more anxious lately, not so much depressed, but very anxious. I go to bed and end up getting up 3 or 4 times to check if the door is locked. When I go out I check the door 3-4 times before we leave, and the whole time we are out I want to be at home and I panic about weather I locked the door, although I know deep down I did lock it. 

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