Why Won't My Baby Sleep?

We are having serious problems with sleeping, I'm so tired its unreal. Emily was such a good sleeper when she was a new born she would go down at about 10, and sleep all the way through the night till 7. She wouldn't even wake up for a bottle, she was brilliant. I thought I was lucky. Then Emily got poorly and she just backtracked. We started co-sleeping because she wouldn't settle at all, she wouldn't take a bottle, she wouldn't sleep, and definitely wouldn't go in her cot. In March I felt like we were in a good place, Emily moved into her own bedroom, and she started sleeping through again, with the heatwave we seemed to have strayed off again. I seem to have so much patients when it comes to Emily, I don't ever get mad or frustrated, because I know this wont last forever. I wanted Emily for so long, I longed for her before I fell pregnant, and finally it happened. So I just can't be mad with her at night times.
All this time I'm getting up and down with Emily, I'm disturbing Sam. As much as he wants to help me, he is getting up really early for work, plus I know that even if Sam does get up with Emily she will not settle for him. It is like catch 29. He wants to support me, and to help out but what is the point of him waking up when they're is literally nothing he can do about it? There is also no way he could function on 2-3 hours sleep. Even though I know all of this, I know that it won't help if he gets up, I'm still envious. Slumping back into bed for the 5th time, when your hubby is laying in exactly the same place as he was the 1st time you got out of bed is frustrating to say the least. 

After finally getting Emily to sleep, I just burst into tears,  I literally can't cope with it anymore, The tiredness is just too much. There is being tired, and then reaching over tired. There is side effects to being over tired, I can't tell you the amount of times I have skipped meals, or forgotten where I placed my phone. I've become so forgetful, and It's becoming difficult to string sentences together. Then there is the effect it has on my depression, I've never felt so depressed as I do now, the more tired I get the harder it becomes to get myself out of that slump. The darkness that comes with depression just gets darker. I don't want to be stuck anymore, and believe me we have tried everything. Earlier bedtimes, a more structured routine, less time napping, nothing seems to work. 

So please, if you have any advise, send it my way. I'm fed up of being stuck, I miss my sleep, what little of it I usually get anyway. I can't deal with the sleepless nights for much longer, we were in such a good place, and now it has spiraled away. Emily literally has a two hour meltdown, where she will just scream, cry and throw her dummy out of her cot. She then will cry for it back. She wants a bottle, but then doesn't and pushes it away. I feel like we are going round and round in circles, and I can't keep going round.

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  1. It must be a age thing as Jacob is exactly the same . He use to sleep great from birth too but the last two months he wakes up to 6 times per night and then is waking at 4.30-5am every single morning. I'm so tired as is dad works full time too so I have to do it all then look after the other two children as well. I'm also snappy, forgetful and cry every day as I'm so tired. I feel like I can't even enjoy him properly as I'm so tired all the time. Fingers crossed the little tinkers start sleeping for us again soon xx


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